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22567 Planning and Control for Small Business Enterprises Spring Semester 2018
Small Business Portfolio - 20 Marks
“Small business is the engine room of our economy, making up 99 per cent of all businesses and contributing $380 billion to the economy.”
The contribution of Small Business Enterprises to the Australian economy is significant. However, according to the Reserve Bank of Australia, small businesses tend to have lower survival rates and more volatile revenues than larger firms.
It is vital for small business owners and their managers to be accurately and timely informed so as to make the best decisions, such as, how and when to set up, operate, control and manage a small business enterprise in Australia, as well as, when to expand or dispose of their business.
Ideally, the small business owner will obtain the appropriate information so as to make effective and efficient planning and control decisions, including those decisions necessary to meet legislative obligations. Owners must ensure that planning and control decisions are made using current information.
There are various sources of information available to the owners of Small Business Enterprises. Information can be collected from diverse sources, such as, accountants, lawyers, local councils, small business agencies and government departments. In addition, there are a number of business magazines and media websites in Australia that discuss current issues surrounding and affecting small businesses. News medias also include sections and, at times, special features on small businesses.
Many industry and trade journals are aimed at Small Business owners, such as, the Master Electricians Australia’s ‘Circuit’. The ‘Retail Pharmacy Magazine’ is an example of a monthly publication aimed at Pharmacy owners and their employees which include advice from business finance to marketing to technical information. Accounting bodies also have their own magazines, such as, the Chartered Accountants Australia and New Zealand Acuity magazine.
This assessment requires students to research and discuss current issues surrounding each and all of the topics that are listed below from 1 to 5. Students are also required to answer the specific requirements that are written under each of these 5 topic areas.
1. Record Keeping & Compliance
Small business enterprises must comply with the Australian Taxation Legislation. List some of these requirements inclusive of their due dates.
Discuss how compliance with tax legislation may benefit a SBE.
2. Environmental & Sustainability
As discussed in class, define sustainability and environmental and include an explanation of the differences between them.
For each, discuss Environmental & Sustainability issues including some current hot topics. List and discuss relevant Australian legislation that may affect SBE’s.
22567 Planning and Control for Small Business Enterprises Spring Semester 2018
Small Business Portfolio Presentation Page 1
3. Budgeting for Labour Commitments
List and discuss some of the employee and payroll issues that may challenge a SBE. Find a real example where a SBE has experienced one of these issues and discuss it in reference to SBE’s and the current payroll legislation.
List some of the main sources that a SBE can refer to for assistance and explain how each source can assist a SBE.
4. Security & E-Business
List 5 different types of security issues that may confront a SBE (not all to be internet based). Discuss some proactive security solutions. Include an actual example.
Explain the recent legislation change in regards to the hacking of SBE’s that meet specific conditions.
5. Innovation
Discuss what is meant by innovation.
Describe and explain the steps you believe are important when a SBE decides to introduce an innovation.
Discuss a current, real life example of a SBE that had introduced an innovation and include the types of issues that they may have experienced.
? Students will prepare a portfolio for each topic and submit their work using PowerPoint, as if it is a presentation to their fellow students and teacher.
No actual presentation will be made but this PowerPoint will be marked by your teacher, inclusive of notes under each slide. These notes will represent your speech to the class.
? Each topic should contain 4 to 5 slides, followed by an additional slide that contains the list of used references. Do not include unnecessary slides, for example, where 2 slides could be reduced to one slide or a heading only slide for each topic. Online references must contain a hyperlink to the website.
Students must email their assessment (PowerPoint file) with the Originality Report from Turnitin to their teacher no later than Wednesday, 5th September, 2018 and a hardcopy for collection which will include slides and notes (one page per slide inclusive of notes).
? Your teacher’s email is
? Name your PowerPoint file as follows– “Your Name–Portfolio –Assessment 2” Do not use google documents. Use Microsoft PowerPoint.
? Any students that require brief assistance in using PowerPoint should inform your teacher immediately.
? Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to ask your teacher but understand that leaving your questions until the last few days may be difficult for a prompt reply.

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 31 slides with Speaker Notes

Title: Planning and Control for Small Business Enterprise (Small Business Portfolio)

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