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There are Twelve tasks to complete in this assignment. There are 30 marks in total.
Using Packet tracer implement the following tasks based on the network topology of a small business given below. Smart Sale Pty Ltd has four departments: Sales, Production, Marketing, and Management. Its Central office (HQ) controls the connection between Internet Service Provider (ISP) and one local office (R1). Examine the network requirements and complete the eight questions to make the company network service running.
You must submit your answer file in word or pdf and TWO packet tracer files to Turnitin by the due date.
Please use your last 4 digits of your student ID as the first two octets of your network address. Keep other bits same as what is shown in the addressing table and the figure below. For example, if your student ID is 11567890, using the last 4 digits (7890). your main network address will be
Consider the following Topology in the figure below:
%A A5.241130
,...._... 00/1/0 £0/1/02 10
50/08 '10 1-40/1/1 is, Cloud° Outvde Host
,,,s? 50/111
S010/0 LA .48262/30
WAN 10 MAN 20 111.181 30 MAN 00
Addressing Table
Device Interface IP Address Subnet Mask Default Gateway VLAN
R1 50/0/0 x.x.1.2 N/A N/A
60/0.10 x.x.10.1 N/A 10
60/0.20 xx.20.1 N/A 20
60/0.30 xx.30.1 N/A 30
60/0.88 xx.88.1 N/A 88
60/0.99 xx.99.1 N/A 99
Si VLAN 88 xx.88.33 x.x.88.1 88
PC-A NIC xx.10.21 x.x.10.1 10
PC-8 NIC xx.20.22 x.x.20.1 20
PC-C NIC xx.30.23 x.x.30.1 30
PC-D NIC x.x.88.24 x.x.88.1 88
VLAN Table
VLAN Name Interfaces
10 Sales F0/11-15
20 Production FO/16-20
30 Marketing F0/5-10
88 Management FO/21-24
99 Native G1/1
You need to use Packet Tracer to implement the given topology and to complete the following tasks:
Part A: Switching and VLANs
1. It is quite important to lock down access and install strong security features on PCs and servers. It is important that your network infrastructure devices, such as switches and routers, are also configured with security features. What will be the best practice to secure your switch Si? ( 2 marks)
2. Configure four VLANs as required on Si and enable Trunking on Si. (2 marks)
3. Configure inter-VLAN routing on R1 based on the Addressing Table. (2 marks)
4. Configure four directly attached static routes on HQ to four VLANs: 10, 20, 30 and 88. (2 marks)
5. Configure directly attached static routes on HQ to reach Outside Host. (2 marks)
a. Configure the primary path through the Serial 0/1/0 interface.
b. Configure the backup route through the Serial 0/1/1 interface with a 10 AD.
6. Configure directly attached primary and backup summary routes on ISP for the entire x.x.0.0/17 address space. (4 marks)
a. Configure the primary path through the Serial 0/1/1 interface.
b. Configure the backup route through the Serial 0/1/0 interface with 25 AD.
7. Configure a directly attached default route on R1. (1 mark)
8. Verify connectivity by making sure all the PCs can ping Outside Host (2 marks) (Screenshots required)
9. Explain and analyse the routing process of three routers in the case of ping from PC-A to Outside Host. (3 marks)
Please save your configured packet tracer file with the name of -PT_your studentlD_partA-
Part B Network Security
10. In order to improve the network performance and security, ACLs is recommended. Please explain what is the ACL? (2 marks) and how ACL can help with the required tasks? (2 marks)
11. What are the principles of applying ACLs? ( 3 marks)
12. How to block VLAN 20 to visit ISP? write ACL statement(s) for this (3 marks)
Please save your configured packet tracer file with the name of -PT_your studentlD_partB-