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ACC620 Assignment 1 – Literature Review and Hypothesis Development Checklist
There are two Powerpoints with audio to provide overviews of what is required
IN Blackboard (BB): Assessment: Task 2 – Research Proposal
Getting started on the Research Assignment.pptx, and
Here is a checklist of some of the important things you should have completed, or should be working on. Resources can be found in Blackboard (BB) in the Learning Materials and Assessment areas:
o Opened the template and started filling it in (even if it is just your name). Save it somewhere safe.
o Assessment: Task 2 Research Proposal: Research Proposal Marking Rubric and Template
o Read through the marking rubric (regularly, certainly at the beginning and again before submission)
o Read through and understood the requirements for referencing
o Learning materials: Excerpts from University Policy on Academic Misconduct (and multiple other sources)
o Assessment: Task 2 Research Proposal: ACC620 Using evidence appropriately.pdf (the link has been repaired)
o Learning Materials: Harvard 2 slides
o Read through the requirements for Mgt723 (even if you are completing Mgt723 in a later semester, it is important to understand how the literature review in ACC620 will be tested in Mgt723.
o Learning Materials: Mgt723 Overview Wk1.pptx
o Learning Materials: MGT723 studyguide S2 2018.docx
o Read about Stakeholder Theory, understood the key ideas, key constructs, and relationships predicted in Stakeholder Theory
o Learning materials: Readings and links
o Found journal articles about the relationships/ key ideas/ key variables that you are interested in.
o Made sure that you will have relevant data to test the relationships that you are interested in:
o Assessment: Task 2 Data for the assignment
o Refined your research question to something you are interesting in and that you will be able to test
o Summarised your issue in one or two sentences
o Developed the practical motivation (why is it important to people, organisations, the accounting professions, regulators, governments, etc…)
o Developed the theoretical motivation (who does your proposed research build on existing theory and empirical results)
o Clearly identified the seminal theorists and summarised Stakeholder Theory
o Clearly identified and described what we know about the DV (reduction in carbon emissions, or environmental performance generally) from Stakeholder Theory
o Developed a logical argument for the relationship of your Independent variable and the DV. This should be based on theory and previous empirical results
o Developed your specific prediction of the relationship between the IV and DV.
o Identified, motivated, and explained the relationship on an additional variable
o Checked your spelling and that your grammar is clear
o CHECKED YOUR REFERENCING – most serious is plagiarism, but correct and consistent referencing format is also important
When you are not sure what you should be doing – read journal articles. That is how you will come to understand Stakeholder Theory and develop your own hypothesis. Empirical journal articles also illustrate the process of motivating a research question and developing an argument that culminates in a hypothesis.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1963 words including References and Appendix

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