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Assessment task 1: Knowledge questions
Instructions to students
Using an organisation you are familiar with, such as the organisation where you are currently or have previously been employed, or college that you are currently study, identify a project that would contribute to achieving the goals, objectives and/or operations of the organisation.
This may be based on an actual project that you have been involved in, or an example of a project that would be relevant to this scenario.
Answer guide: This assessment task is to be typed with 2-3 paragraphs minimum per question unless indicated otherwise i.e. list or select
Develop a detailed scope document, which will form part of the project plan. Your project scope document should have the following sections:
1.1. Project description and scope
1.2. Project purpose (include details on how it relates to the organisation's objectives and other projects)
1.3. Project parameters

1.4 Project outcomes and deliverables
1.5 Project Resources - Details of project resources required (human resources, physical resources, financial)
1.6 Resource availability to undertake project
1.7 Stakeholders - The project manager and their role and limits of their responsibility and authority
Project stakeholders are entities that have an interest in a given project. These stakeholders may be inside or outside an organization. Here are some suggestions to help you identify your project stakeholders.

Project Stakeholder Description

Line Managers of project team

Project Manager(s)

Project Sponsor/Executive

Project Team

Sales and Account Management


1.8 External stakeholders
External stakeholders are those individuals or groups outside a business. A party such as a customer, supplier, or lender that influences and is influenced by an organization but is not a member of it.

External regulators
Assessment task 2: Project (RELATE TO TASK 1)
Instructions to students
In this project activity you will be required to demonstrate your skills and abilities to determine and record details of project plan. Using the project-scoping document you produced in Assignment task 1, move on to producing a project plan.
You will also be required to provide a brief background to the project. A brief discussion showing consistency between this project and the organisations overall business plan should be included. The various stakeholders in the project and their perspective should be identified.
Your project report must include the following:
• Project Title
• A brief introduction to the project
• Business goals and objectives
• Project goals and objectives
• Summary of organisational requirements
• Project stakeholders and their expectations
• Work breakdown structure that identifies each tasks to complete the project
• Activity Sequence as part of a schedule. This must include clearly identified project milestones and critical paths.
• Resource planning
• Risks management
o including occupational health and safety
o Make a control plan to minimise the impact of these risks on your project.
• Project Budget based on project costing
• The types of support that will be provided for project team members
• Details of the record keeping systems that will be used for maintaining records including correspondence, financial data, and time spent on each area of the project
• A resource management plan, including finances, human resources and quality checks
• Administer and monitor project to ensure project team members are clear about their responsibilities and the project requirements.
• Achieve project deliverables
• Appendix containing the following reports:
o Network Diagram
o Gantt Chart
o Responsibility matrix
o Risk Assessment checklist
o Quality control checklist
o A detailed budget
(This task have a formal file)
Assessment task 3: Case Study
Instructions to the students
Just as planning the project is an important project management activity, so are closing and evaluating a project. The real value of closing a project correctly is in documenting the information and experience gathered throughout the project. If your team immediately disbands when you complete the final deliverable, you don't have chance to wrap up the loose ends, gather staff feedback, document key issues and how they were handled (well or badly).
3.1. Case study
Read the following case study, work through the management of a car park equipment upgrade project.
Parkrite is a large car parking company operating throughout Australia and New Zealand. As the Parkrite Regional Manager, you have been tasked with project managing the new equipment upgrade of a shopping centre car park—Shop Fair.
So far you have completed the following:
• you have been briefed on the overall goals of the project
• you have met with both internal and external stakeholders
• you have completed a project scoping document
• you have meet with the State Operations Manager (your immediate boss) and the General Manager to determine the budget and timelines
• you have solved some key problems with the projects progress
• you have completed a comprehensive project plan
• you have assigned all roles and responsibilities
• you have implemented control processes
• you have allocated all of the required resources
• you have kept all stakeholders informed via progress reports
The installation team have now completed all of the car park upgrade. All hardware and systems appear to be working smoothly.
The project has encountered some unforeseen problems—most prominently the communication campaign to better inform Shop Fair businesses and Plaza Towers tenants about the car park changes. Although you have successfully overcome these problems you have gone $5000 over budget and two weeks over schedule.
Now that the project is closing staff roles are changing. The IT Manager and Installation Manager have other projects and responsibilities to work on. Contract staff have completed their contracts and moved on to other work. However, for a number of operational staff there will be reduced work and/or a change in work.
Five staff members temporarily assigned to the project will not be required following acceptance and signoff. There is work for three of them at another site. However, for two of them, there is no alternate work. One of these is a permanent staff member.
Another site upgrade has been earmarked for you in the near future. You are keen to wrap up this project before that one begins.
a) What financial documentation do you need to complete? What financial records will be important to archive.
b) The human resources division at Parkrite has requested that you outline and explain the process you will use to reassign your human resources now that the project is complete. This should include the IT Manager, Installation Manager, contract workers and the five staff member temporarily assigned to the project.

c) You have organized a project review meeting to close the project. Who should be involved in the project review process? What input might they be able to provide? How will you involve them?
d) Reviewing and documenting the lessons learnt is of no value if the information is not available for future projects. How will you ensure that this information is easily accessible for future projects? What tools and systems might Parkrite have to put in place to make this possible?