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Task Description: Students will present a their choice in a 10 tc. 1E (2) tc. three (3) present weeks 4-10 (depending the 10-slide 1..c.werF..aint
Task 11._.e gt tit 10-15 rninutes; 500 wort
BetweenDue Date : week 4-10
Task 30'/
Task F[eciuirernents=
Presentations that contain You-rube videos highly encouraged_
Your written report is the notes written in the narrative and should not exceed 500 words in •
Sefectiah of the ,argr.ahi.atic).1-7./br.aricl will Abe
assignment, students will need to discuss tt-
ensure there is no duplication_
1_ The branclicarganisaticsn to be used for prey After discussion with the lecturer, every stt name of the organisation, and (2), their lectu rer.
2 The lecturer will reply to the email as cc.rufi
being used in the assignment_
Engorging the audience will be critical to analysis c.f the case {organisation or brand) data to show a thorough understanding and ar
Louring the presentation, reading from the slit themselves_
For this assignment, students are required evaluate resources, capabilities, competencies organisation, with minimal supervision_ Sugge.
_ 9 mil
1_ Positioning Map_ Using a positioning n positions df the key cdrnpetitdrs_
2_ P very brief rview df the firm and itf.
a_ give the audience an idea df market situation and how th organisation
b_ describe the prdcluct, service an 3_ Visicoro, Missicor, Statement &.cal. Vision and Mission Statement? Hdvs, their business?
.4 Liii icsi diffriiti.ti rig fortiuors_
products/services, particularly what is 5_ ,Ccorropotitickr auroaillysis_ Using the Pcps
df three competitors by comparing thei
ackssssrrirat critri ici to grakcil this toosl
_ Critically evaluate theoretical position thrcL 2_ Make appropriate ii df the conceptscfst 3_ Clearly demonstrate linkages between fact 4_ Use models of strategic analysis td clear
bu sin ess/rna nagernent issues facing a cu rr
5_ Communicate c drnplex information clearly .
6_ Develop s strdng, credible argument
7_ Demonstrate research skills and the Li 59 cii
Estirriatci Student Wcorkilcoakcl: 6-8 hours
See Separate Marking E3iiid9 for detailed mark
to Subject L8rr1irigC:),...stccarris: Learn Sulannissictro
Submissions must be online via Turnitin in the and Fituirra cof Work
Feedback and marks will be provided via Submissicrn_
-117ask. l_rerigth: 2,000 - 2,250 words

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