Recent Question/Assignment

Your Task: Answer the following questions. Each question must be completed.
1. Go to hhtps:// standard, and identify the award provisions for:
1. Leave including shift workers
2. Mandated breaks between shifts
3. Maximum allowed shift hours
4. Standard, overtime and penalty pay rates
2. Your employ 3 chefs. John is casual, Jack is part-time and Chenelle is employed full time. They are all arrive for the morning shift. After 1 hour a storm hits the restaurant and the power goes off. the manager informs staff that they shall clean up and leave as power will be off at least for2 days. After 1.5hours all staff leave. What is their pay entitlement for that day?

3. What are the leave provisions for the following instances?
• Carers
• Compassionate reasons
• Illness or injury
• Jury service
• Long service
• Maternity or paternity
• Rehabilitation of injured workers
• Study
4. What are the requirements for time and wage records? How long must this records be kept?
5. What is the importance of rosters for efficiency in an organization and how can a roster be used to control staff costs?
6. Provide 3 examples for benefits for using a social and cultural skill mix in the hospitality industry?
7. Provide 3 examples for different religious and cultural beliefs of staff commonly working in the TH&E industry and how this religions potentially need to be accommodated for when preparing rosters: