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This assessment is designed to allow students to identify relevant sources for their research and undertake review on a theoretical concept /constructs that has real world business implications.
This article collections and structured review set a basis for literature review section of Research Proposal in Assessment 4.
The articles must be from 2010 onwards, and all articles must be full papers (not research note or book reviews) sourced from refereed academic journals.
Note: Other than in exceptional circumstances, Assessment 3 will set the foundation for literature review of Assessment 4. PRIOR to its inclusion in Assessment 4 Research Proposal, students will be expected to make appropriate adjustments if recommended in feedback.
The structured literature review should address the following information:
1. Brief summary of the theory and progression in the field (i.e. how has the theory developed)
2. Common themes/findings across the four articles
3. Different themes/findings across the four articles
4. Managerial implication of the four articles
5. Study limitations and future research direction proposed in the four articles.
Submission Details
- Word limit: 1500 words (±10%) (excluding reference list)
- You need to state the word count of the assessment on the cover page.
- The review should be professionally presented using proper headings and sub-headings, in Times New Roman 12pt, single space. Harvard (Anglia) style referencing.
Research topic : Impact of accounting standards on small business in Nepal

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1695 words including References

Topic: Impact of Accounting Standards on Small Business in Nepal

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