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Please follow the structure below and you should write more words from question 2 – 4. For question 1, brief explanation for each factors are sufficient.
Collapse of Ansett Australia
1. What are the potential industry specific factors that affected Ansett to collapse
1.1 Political
1.2 Economy
1.3 Social /Public Opinion
1.4 Technology
1.5 Legal and Government regulations
1.6 Consumer Behaviour
1.7 Competition
2. Describe how Ansett responded for above factors (before collapse. How did they respond or did not consider. Write each factor above)
3. Strategies that Ansett could have used to avoid the disaster.
3.1 Competitor analyse Strategies
3.1.1 Competitor Array (Make a competitor array for Ansett, rank and rate. Like below Sample array . )
3.1.2. Competitor profiling
3.1.3. Media Scanning
3.2 Responding to customer behaviour through marketing and research
3.3 Business practice in varying economic conditions
3.4 Manage public opinion (write how Damage control and spin control to manage controversy)
3.5 Proactive strategies (Urgency = Likelihood x effect)
4. Recommendations - Things to avoid and importantly how to better scan the environment, lest these collapses do not occur
4.1 Analyse poter’s five forces
4.2 Benchmarking
4.3 Balance score card (analyse all 4 perspectives)
5. Reference (APA style)