Recent Question/Assignment

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The subject- Management Fundamentals
Course- Bachelor of Business
The written component of this assessment is,
700 words (Draft) and 1800 words (it’s Report).
According to the assignment, we had to choose a company with some management issues then I have selected a one company. It’s Holden Australia (the closed car manufacturing company)
The content of the assignment
1. Cover Sheet
2. Introduction
(what this paper is about - to identify the challenges faced by a real company, to identify the management issues which you will learn in this subject, and to provide solutions to those managements issues, so that the company will have a successful performance in the future)
3. Background of Company & Product
(Information about the company and how well or poorly this company is doing in the market. You can use sales figures or market share of recent years. Some of the challenges may be briefly mentioned here but not in detail)
4. Challenges Faced by the Company
(Situation Analysis (PESTLE & SWOT)
PESTLE - Analyse how the situation in Political/Legal, Economic, Socio-Cultural, Technological and Environment affect the company and how there are OPPORTUNITIES or THREATS to the company

SWOT - Strengths and Weaknesses of the Company & Product
SWOT - Opportunities and Threats are your deductions from the PESTLE Analysis
The real challenges faced by the company are listed here and discussed in some detail.)
5. Management Issues Identified
(You will relate the above challenges to Management Issues (concepts, theories, models) that you have studied in this subject. This section is where you apply what you have learned in class to the assignment. )
6. Recommended Solutions for the Management Issues
(You will develop the solutions for the management issues discussed above using the knowledge you have learned from this subject. Concepts, terms, theories and models to be used in this section to demonstrate your ability to apply.)
7. Conclusion
(The conclusion tells the reader in summary what you have done and why you feel your recommended solutions to ensure the future success of the company because the management issues will be resolved through your recommendations and solutions.)
8. References
Follow the alphabetical Harvard referencing style