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Assessment task 4: Continuous improvement
Instructions to the students
4.1. Case Study
Read the case study below and use the information to complete each activity.
You are working for a manufacturing company called “Office Solutions” which is responsible for manufacturing office products. The company’s customer service standards is clearly documented everywhere within the company which says “Quality products and on-time delivery”. Your manager has recently received numerous complaints about products not being delivered on time. You have been asked by your manager to lead your team in a continuous improvement effort to improve customer service standards of your department. As a team leader, you will be responsible to develop strategies (include budget) to ensure team members are actively encouraged and supported in decision-making process. You will also be required to provide ongoing support, coaching and mentoring to your team.
4.1 : Role Play
You as the team leader are required to coach your team members the organisation’s goals and customer service standards (refer to the standard in the scenario above “Quality Product and on-time delivery”). Remember that a written set of customer service standards will not only provide an organisation with a set of goals, it will set benchmarks that can be used to monitor and improve service standards.
For the purpose of this activity, your colleagues will act as your team members and your assessor will act as your manager who will observe you.
4.2. Written Activity
Write a two (2) page report to your manager on how you could improve the customer service standards and productivity of the team and organisation. In your report you must address the following points including developing a sample customer service standard for your manager to review.
a) What strategies could you put in place to ensure that your team participated in decision-making process, assumes responsibility and take initiative towards the project?
b) How would you monitor and record your team’s performance to identify further areas of improvement?
c) If one of your team members were under-performing, explain how would you mentor and coach the individual to enhance their performance in order to achieve their target.
d) How would you provide ongoing feedback to the group on their outcomes?

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1625 words including References


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