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Centennial College, School of Business
Course: Employee Health and Safety (HRPD-707-002)
Instructor: Wenlu Feng
Group Assignment
(Summer 2018) (30% of course grade)
Purpose: 1) To apply the OH&S knowledge and skills in real-world workplaces;
2) To achieve higher level learning outcomes.
Deadline: Written reports should be summited on Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018, and group presentation on Aug. 9, 2018.
The task: Work in group, conduct a workplace inspection in an actual Canadian organization and submit a report on the inspection outcomes.
Some workplaces that are suggested to conduct your inspection could be:
• A garage or an auto body shop
• A warehouse
• A factory or a workshop
• A bakeshop
• A restaurant kitchen
• A construction site
• A supermarket
• Or any other workplaces you are familiar with and have access to.
This project requires the following basic steps:
1. Establishing procedures
- List all relevant information needed to do a thorough inspection (This should include industrial related information, e.g. if you inspect a restaurant, you should get information about relevant food regulation, or factory establish standards for a factory workplace that involves machinery operation or assembling line work)
- Include a schedule that details when and where the inspection will be carried out.
2. Prepare for the inspection. An inspection should not begin without preparation.
- Prepare a floor plan
- Prepare Checklists
- Prepare the necessary tools
- Contact the related personnel (supervisor, people in charge of the workplace)
3. Conduct the inspection. Once you have prepared, conduct an effective workplace inspection, applying your knowledge and skills. Make sure to be unobtrusive (not to distract or interrupt workers) when carrying out your inspection.
- Establish you route
- Communicate –identify yourselves and tell your purposes to the supervisor.
- Observe equipment and operation
- Look carefully and completely at each potential hazard
- Describe and locate each hazard
- Use your senses to detect hazard
4. Report the findings. An inspection should not end without a report
- Be detailed and specific
- Describe each hazard
- Describe the location of each hazard
- Classify each hazard as “A”, “B” or “C”
5. Make recommendation of the actions to control the hazards found in your inspection.
- Be specific and relevant
- Apply the knowledge of control locations and control approaches
The Written Report
The minimum length of the paper submitted for marking is 15 pages (typed and 1.5 spaced). Table of contents and references are not included in page count. The report should contain six parts: 1) Introduction; 2) The procedures of the inspection. 3) The findings of the inspection; 4) Recommendation of the actions to control the hazards found in your inspection; 5) Reference list; 6) Appendices. The following guidelines explain the expected contents of each part:
Part One: Introduction (1 page)
A one-page introduction to the present workplace inspection that presents:
1. The purpose and significance of this project;
2. What is discussed in the report;
3. The main methods used in the inspection, and the major findings of it.
Part Two: The procedure of the inspection
1) The workplace where the inspection was conducted
2) The date
3) The tool, forms, and materials used
4) The process of the inspection
5) The duration of the process
Part Three: The major finding of the inspection
1) Be detailed and specific
2) Describe each hazard
3) Indicate the locations of each hazards (The floor plan will help)
4) Classify each hazard as “A”, “B” or “C”
5) Summarize your findings in a workplace Inspection Report Form
Part Four: Recommendation of the actions to control the hazards found in your inspection
1) Be specific and relevant to the hazards found in your inspection
2) Recommend actions, telling what to do and how to do to eliminate or minimize the existing hazards
3) Apply the knowledge of control locations and control approaches
4) Recommend further follow-up actions
5) Your recommendations should be well explained and justified
6) Use a report form to summarize your findings and recommendations
Part Five: The follow-up plan
1) Set priority in following up the solutions
2) State the expectations of what should have done.
Part Six: Reference list (not contributing to page count)
Follow APA format (or a standard format your have learned) for reference listing (including journals, the Internet, books, etc.).
Part Seven: Appendices (not contributing to page count)
Materials used in collecting data and presentation (e.g. All forms you used for recording your findings, company information, overheads, printouts, etc.) should be appended to the submitted paper.
The Group Presentation
Written report should be submitted in Week 12 (Thursday, Aug. 2, 2018), and group presentation will be in Class in Week 13 (Thursday, Aug. 9, 2018). Each group is required to present its workplace inspection findings to the class, and all members are required to contribute to the presentation in order to gain the presentation marks Time allowed for presentation is 15 minutes.
This assignment is worth 30% of the course grade. The marks are of team-based reward. Each member of the group will be given the same marks on the condition that each member’s contribution can be identified in the final results.
The research report (26%)
1. The report needs to include the seven parts specified above.
2. It shows evidence of substantial effort through the project
3. It shows evidence of group cooperation
4. It demonstrates evidence of careful writing of a well integrated paper, not just several parts put together.
5. Arguments are well justified.
The presentation (4%)
1. The group cooperates well in presentation (with all members present).
2. The research results are clearly and vividly presented.
3. Answer all of audiences’ questions.
Suggested readings:
1. The relevant parts in the text
2. Lecture handouts
3. Ontario Occupational Health and Safety Act
4. Websites:
Distributed on June 8, 2018

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Title: Health and safety at workplace
Inspection of Kitchen in a restaurant

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