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Essay Structure
Topic : - Action taken by governments and organisations to Protect the Environment have largely been Unsucessful -
critically evaluate this statement. In your answer you should refer to specific example of environment problems.
( Total= 1200 words )
(1.) Introduction (150-200 words)
- General statement (broad statement) ,( evidence = use reffrance for state) it should be author voice.
- specific statement ( your voice)
- issue statement (your voice)
- Thesis Statement (Our view point follow by 2 Controlling idea )
(2).Body paragraph 1 (450 words)
{Use 1st controlling idea}
- Topic sentence = ( your voice) + 1st controlling idea.
- Example Sentence (your voice use reference)
Explanation - - ( Own words )
Exapansion - - (your voice or use author voice)
Evidence - - - Past research ( referance Author voice)
- Counter Argument
{write counter argument sentence}
- Refutation (support own point to kill counter arguement)
sentence structure for refutation
{ while this may be true............Nevertheless,..............}
- example
Conclusion Sentence
(It clear own point )
(3) Body paragraph 2 (450 Words)
{use 1st controling idea}
- Same as body 1 structure
(4). Conclusion (100 words)
- Summarise of main ideas
- Restate thesis
- Concluding or recommandation
(5) Reference list
Note : Use 6 References , (i attached 2 articles so use it where it is relevent , so need to find 4 more ),
: i give you sample but follow this structure for my work ,because in sample lots of author state sentences which is completely wrong .
: it is broad topic so narrow down by writting .
: (parapharse so become plagiarism free )
(((Example : Author /your voice
.Explanation: Your voice
.Evidence : Author voice
Expansion: Author voice / your voice)))
Author voice means ( starting sentence with author name and year with relevant reporting verb ).
So,it sentence more focus on author state
Your voice /writer voice means
(End of statement or between the sentence putreferencee and year ) .
So,it sentence get more focus on our statement

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