Recent Question/Assignment

Aim of Assessment
Write an essay demonstrating critical analysis and,synthesis of the principles of leadership as applied to practice. The purpose of this assessment item is to provide you with an opportunity to explore the impact of leadership on an area of interest from clinical practice; to critically analyse the related literature, and to demonstrate a critical understanding of the impact of leadership on clinical practice. You may use parts of the content from your Assessment 2 Part A Paraphrase to support your discussion if relevant.
Essay Question
Identify a current issue in your workplace you believe requires change. Identify and discuss the leadership attributes and skills you will draw upon to effect change.
When writing your essay, you are required to provide a:
• Succinct overview of the issue and its' context
• Critical analysis of the issue and why change is required
• Critical discussion of the barriers to change
• Critical discussion of the leadership attributes and skills required to facilitate and evaluate the
change process and outcomes.