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3 - final s, stem Deli, v.-, (Nlark: 50,) To be submitted the end of week 12
• System Delivery:
c The final system should be submitted to the lecturer using appropriate format (such as CD-ROM, USB, Online System access) depending on the nature of the developed system.
c The developed system should contain adequate technical content to demonstrate your skills gained from the course. In general, a system with low technical content would not receive a high mark.
• Project Evaluation Report: (2000 to 2500 words) may include but not limited to the following points:
o Present in detail what have been done for the project: implementation processes, testing
o Is the system is completely finished? If not, why?
o Compare the actually time spent with the planned scheduleJtimeline. Which step is take longer or shorter time than expected?
o Any challenge or problem arises during the implementation and testing? What solution you proposed to MOW= such challenges/problems.
o The strengths and limitations of your product, future improvements and lessons teamed during the process of completing the project
o Critically-reflect on how you have applied computer ethics in developing your system.
o At least 6 references must be used, including 3 scholarly references. (Harvard Referencing Style)
• User Manual:
o User guide, administrator guide, installation etc.
• 1,-Poster:
c Design a poster to advertise about your system. Highlight its features and benefit.
o Record of Meeting Minutes to document date and time of each group meeting for the proie, Member attendance and reason for abscrwe. Meeting Minut. must he posted to VU Collabonde Discussion Forum after each meeting throughout the semester.
• Work Load Allocation:

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2037 words including References

Note: It is based on previous assignment

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