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NIT5160 Cloud Computing
Assignment: Group Project
(Could App development /deployment)
Task: This assignment has three parts having
15+5+10=30 Marks
Part A: Build it On the Cloud
Deliverable: Lab demonstration: WEEK 11 LAB
Submission Deadline: Friday WEEK 11 5 PM Overall Allocation: 15% Total marks: 15
Part B: Cloud App Documentation
Deliverable: Written REPORT (500-1000 words)
Submission Deadline: Friday WEEK 11 5 PM Overall Allocations: 5% Total marks: 5
Part C: Cloud Challenge Presentation
Deliverable: PowerPoint Presentation
Submission Deadline: Week 10 and 11 during tutorial time Overall Allocation: 10% Total marks: 10
Assignment Objectives
The core element of this assignment is : Build it on the cloud. Your project must involve harnessing a cloud computing system of some kind. The system may be one of those that we have used or studied in class, or it may be some other commercial cloud computing or storage system. While a truly novel project idea would be nice, it's ok to recreate something that already exists, so that you can learn from the process. If something similar already exists, you should be aware of it and read about how it works, but then write your own code.
Evaluate it critically. You must evaluate what you have built for correctness, performance, and scalability. For correctness, you must develop a procedure to evaluate that the system actually accomplishes what it intends to do. (e.g. If you store some data in the cloud, you must verify that it is the same when it is read back.) For performance and scalability, you must select an appropriate measure -- simulations/day, GB/s, transactions/hour -- and then evaluate the performance as the system scales up to 100X or higher.
Your project must use Amazon web services.
The following are rough ideas for possible projects. Please select anyone of the project:
1. PROJECT A: Convert a Real Application to the Cloud. Take a real application to cloud. Application should be running on AWS cloud and deployed using a highly available and secure cloud architecture and design.
2. PROJECT B: Implement a complete Database on the
Cloud. Design a small database for VU Institute that lets you upload and modify data. This database has three tables Students, Courses and Staff. You should be able to populate and modify data in tables. Use an existing AWS service or migrate MuSQL/Oracle databse on Cloud.
3. PROJECT C: Build a Scalable Website with BackendDatabase backend. Design a simple interactive web site for VU Institute that lets you upload and modify data. The website cab use Wordpress or any other engine. This database has three tables Students, Courses and Staff. You should be able to display data in tables on your website. Website should be deployed using a highly available and secure.
4. PROJECT D: Come Up With Your Own. These are only ideas to get you thinking! Come up with your own idea, or modify one of these above. However, you need to get an approval for your instructor.
The marking criteria are given below:
Marking Criterion Marks
Innovation 3
Running App and enhancement to traditional model
Over the Cloud Setup
Poor Understanding of components and functionalities
Total Marks 15
Part B
Please prepare a written documentation of your project. A sample project documentation is provided on VU Collaborate.
The marking criteria are given below:
Marking Criterion Marks
Presentation 2
Detail and explanation of steps 2
Use of snapshots and labels 1
Total Marks 5
File format: It is recommended that all reports be written using Microsoft Word. Marking strictly follows marking criteria. Both Part A and Part B need to be submitted in the same file as zipped file.
Students should search and find one research paper from IEEE Transactions on
Cloud Computing (one per group) about cloud design and framework or issue (Published during last five years 2013-2018). Completely understand it and present it during lab of week 10 and week 11. You need to get approval of your paper from your instructor before working on it.
You should research and develop a complete understanding of each and every part of the selected research paper except if any part is out of the scope of this unit.
You need to prepare a PowerPoint presentation of this paper and present it in WEEK 10 /WEEK 11 lab.
The marking criteria are given below:
Marking Criterion Marks
Central Idea 2
Understanding of the paper
Presentation Style
Total Marks 10

A ZIP Archive with 05 files including Word Document, Powerpoint presentation, ,sql, .pem and Screenpresso folder

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 573 words including Screenshots

Editable Microsoft PowerPoint Presentation
Slide Count: 15 slides

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