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The subject is - organisational structure and effectiveness . In the pic you can read all the detailed info to how to make assignment on what basis whst to choose or what not to choose , all pattren in explained.
Individual Assignment : Week 10 11:59pm Friday 20% 2000 words
For the purpose of this assignment, you need to identify a company (Australian Company only) in any industry of your choice and examine the structure of their operation and their strategies. The following are the industries from where you can chose a company:
• Agriculture
• Tourism
• Education
• Pharmaceutical
• Organic food
• Wine
• Airline
• Sports/Events
Note: Students are not allowed to choose fast food or soft drinks industries for this assignment.
Use the following structure for your assignment:
1. Introduction — Industry and your company
2. Companys Structure (discuss the type of structure this company is following and why)
3. Companys leadership style
4. Companys Strategies within Australia and/or overseas markets S. Your comments on this companys structure and strategies

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