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EGB363 Assessment task description – Assessment #2
Written Report
Due date: Sunday 3rd June 2018 5pm
Unit learning outcomes addressed:
• Perform Hazard Identification
• Carry out a Hazard and Operability study.
• Work through a P&ID diagram, design of safety systems
• Perform Environmental Impact Assessments
• Predict the effect of a process on the environment.
This task is an individual exercise which evaluates your understanding of the process of identification, assessment and control of safety and environmental hazards.
You are a manager working for company Sustainability+, proposing to construct a new distillery and fertilizer plant next to the small township of Giru, 50 km south of Townsville in North Queensland, adjoining the existing Invicta cane sugar factory, which is 200 metres from residential areas. The distillery will use low pressure steam from the sugar factory.
Adjacent land is available in which to fit the new plant. The distillery will use the Biostil technology to produce 100 Megalitres of ethanol per year. Additional sources of molasses will be required which will be delivered using road transport from other suppliers.
The fertilizer plant will be located in a rural area 4 km away from the distillery. A waste product from the distillery, called Dunder, also known as Vinasse, Stillage or Slops, will be pumped to the fertilizer site. The Dunder will be stored in covered dams and mixed with sulphuric acid from a tank, to produce liquid fertilizers, known overall as Bio-Dunder. The liquid fertilizers will be distributed by trucks to the region’s cane farms.
There are waterways nearby, including a river and several creeks.
The Biostil process and fertilizer making technology is already implemented in a distillery and fertilizer plant at the Plane Creek distillery at the town of Sarina and the nearby Oonooie fertilizer making facility, located approximately 400 km south of Townsville. To carry out your tasks, you will have access to all production, safety and environmental information already existing.
What you will do
1. You will need to understand and explain the basic process for the Biostil distillery producing 95% ethanol as its main product. Identify the key components of safety and environmental legislation and regulations under which the facility will likely be captured. Develop preliminary process information to inform the safety and environmental hazard assessment. This will include:
a. A brief process description including raw materials, products and intermediate/waste streams including chemical storage requirements and product transportation issues. For this assignment, you do not need to calculate individual flow rates or heating flow requirements. However, the quantities produced will be large (i.e. significant for safety and environment considerations);
b. A description of key unit operations for the attached simplified process flow diagram;
c. An initial safety hazard assessment of the proposed facility including Identification of key hazards and some controls. Upgrade to a preliminary process and instrumentation diagram.
2. Once you have the above information, carry out a HAZOP of the equipment and processes for the preliminary process and instrumentation diagram. Include controls to ensure operation of the process at optimum conditions. Make the required additions to the diagram to deliver a final P&ID.
3. Note and discuss briefly the key parameters that make the Biostil process economically and environmentally viable in the North Queensland region and compare with experiences in Brazil.
4. Describe the differences between an Impact Assessment Report (IAR) and an Environmental Impact Statement (EIS) as described in the Queensland Government website and your lecture notes and conclude why this proposed project requires an EIS.
5. Then carry out an EIS. Include:
a. An assessment of potential impacts (both good and bad) of the distillery and fertilizer facilities on water, land and air systems. This should include process waste streams including the distillery Dunder, as well as the products noted in the attached process flow diagram, and including the application of the BioDunder products to farms as well as cattle feed.
b. Mitigation options for the issues identified.
Please reference your source(s) of process information.
Information provided for the assignment
The below information / links are provided to assist with the assignment. Other information may also be used.
Excerpt of fertilizer booklet
Ethanol fermentation
Environmental problems in Brazil due to Vinasse 0Processes%20in%20the%20Production%20of%20Alcohol.pdf
Monitoring of creeks and streams in the Mackay region
Note that the below link needs to be pasted into the browser: r%20application%20to%20canefields%20in%20the%20Sarina%20region,%20Queensland,%20contin ued%20monitoring.pdf
What you will submit
You will submit a written report detailing all aspects of the assessment as detailed above. Your report should be written in an appropriate engineering format for an audience that would include Senior Managers of your company.
As an indication, the main body of the report should be approximately 3000 words not counting tables, figures, drawings, references, etc. The report should include:
• Title page
• Table of contents
• Table of figures / tables
• Executive summary
• Main body of the report
• Conclusions
• References
• Appendices if required
• 12 point font with a standard font e.g. Times New Roman, Arial, Calibri
• Use headings where necessary to break the report into meaningful sections
• Every page should be numbered; every figure and table should be numbered and captioned
• Use a standard referencing system for in-text references and bibliography
The process flow diagram will be supplied electronically (in both pdf and Autocad formats). Students have the option of modifying it in Autocad for the P&ID, or, for example, providing a well set out hand written P&ID that has been scanned into the report. You will not be penalised for the form you choose. The Autocad option is just to give you an option to use software that is used in industry. It is available from the QUT IT website.
Refer to the CRA sheet for a more detailed description of marking profile. This assessment is worth 40% of the total marks for the unit.

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