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For the Task 1 we dont have to do the question which are marked crossed.
For Task 2 we have to do report writing for at least 1.5 page and it should have introduction body part and recommendation/conclusion.
Read the case study on VTI Group thoroughly as given in Appendix A. You have been advised by the Board of Directors (assume your assessor as Board of Directors) that during an annual policy review meeting, they have reviewed the HR manual and are willing to have a better one with some changes; making it more employee and employer friendly. You have been asked to perform the following tasks and submit a written report:
• Critically analyse strategic and operational plan and policies to identify relevant HR policies and objectives.
• Develop policies and procedures related to recruitment, selection and induction. You must cover all relevant legislation in order the policy to be compliant.
• Develop a step by step procedure to be followed for recruitment, selection and induction process.
• Identify need for recruitment.
• Once policies and procedures are developed, in a simulated work environment, obtain support on these policies and procedures from your senior manager (Your assessor or colleague can act as a senior manager).
In a simulated work environment, perform trial of the forms and policies developed and identify and make any necessary adjustments.
T • Develop Position Description to be used for the advertising purpose for the following positions
in VTI Group: Administration Manager, Marketing Manager and Training Manager and Finance Manager.
t • Develop an advertisement each for the above mentioned positions which are to be posted on job portals.
• List the specialists you can consult in HR processes
• 1k7 • In a simulated work environment, advertise your jobs to two other colleagues.
• What form of training and ongoing support you will provide to all individuals involved in recruitment, selection and induction processes?
A, • Develop a set of at least 10 questions you would be asking in an interview from each candidate
for above mentioned positions. Please note that the questions must be position specific and no more than 4 general questions.
11) • Prepare a set of at least 5 questions you would be asking in conducting reference checks.
• Develop a template for an unsuccessful letter which you are required to send to all
unsuccessful candidate.
• Develop a template for successful letter which you are required to send to all successful candidate. The successful letter should include but not limited to:
• Terms and conditions and its importance c Date of joining
o Position and roles and responsibilities
o Reporting person
o Remuneration
Develop staff induction policy.
K • Develop staff induction and orientation checklist and follow the process.
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