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Subject Outline
For units for which a class test is part of the assessments, you need to follow the instructions by your lecturer to confirm any material allowed in the class test. You also need to follow any relevant announcernent on Blackboard that confirm the date/time and venue of the class test. Please note that for some units the test may be held online. Where applicable, your lecturer will provide you with further details.
Final Examinations
Each trimester concludes with the final examinations that am held during a designated examination period. You are expected to be present for the final examinations, which are held during Examination Week, the exact dates/timecard venues are announced via your Blackboard. For each unit you will be allocated a designated seat in one of the examination venues. Your examination venue and seat will be confirmed by the end the teaching period of each trimester via your Blackboard.
Online Self-Paced Assessment Weeks 2-10 10% n/a
A multiple-choice weekly online test. Students will be able to
complete this at their own pace and in their own time, after having viewed the associated weekly online materials and attended the weekly lecture and tutorial.
Individual Assignment Week 10 30% 1,500 —
(Reflection Essay) 2,000 words
Students will have the opportunity to select a contemporary business ethics case that has been raised in the media within the past three months. Areas covered may include (but not limited to: business fraud, corporate social responsibility, leadership misconduct). Students must (after consultation with the lecturer and after a short presentation to the class provide the details of their case). Student's must incorporate individual research to
HC2121Cornparative Business Ethics & Social Responsibility 4
support their argument e.g a summary of the company's code of conduct and or corporate social responsibility policy.
lime will be dedicated during the tutorials for students to develop their essay.
Final Examinations Exam Week 60% 2 Hours
Information on the final exam will be provided by the lecturer on Backboard and during the exam revision session. The exam will consist of a combination of: short answer questions related to key definitions and terminology used within the field; open ended questions and case study analysis. 10 minutes
Prescribed Textbook:
Ferrell, 0., Fraedrich, J. and Ferrell, L (2016), Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases, 11th ed, Southwestern, Cengage Learning.
All students will need access to a copy of the text to discuss the weekly cases
Recommended Readings:
Carol), Archie B. and Ann K. Bucholtz (2012) Business and Society. Ethics and Stakeholder Management, 8 edn., Cengage Learning
Recommended Website Link
Business for Social Responsibility
Resources to help companies implement ethics and social responsibility initiatives