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SPA233 Corporations Law
Semester 1 2018
Assessment 2
3 Topics
Topic 1 – Bibek’s Newsagency
Bibek has a successful newsagency business in Sydney. His customer base is becoming wider because he manages the business very well and because his customers like his friendly smile and manner. Bibek’s income is increasing, as his tax, but he wants to expand his business.
Bimana is one of Bibek’s best customers. Bimana tells Bibek that he should incorporate his business as a sole trader.
Bibek comes to your office seeking your advice. Bibek wants to know if what Bimana has told him is true and what you would suggest he do (that is, what is the best legal structure for his business) together with details of the steps and costs involved in setting up that business structure.
Advise Bibek.
Topic 2 – Types of Companies
(a) What are the basic differences between a proprietary company and a public company in Australia?
(b) What are the differences between a company limited by shares and a company limited by guarantee in Australia?
Topic 3 - Delhi Australian Curries Limited
The members/shareholders of Delhi Australian Curries Limited have asked the directors of that company to call a meeting of the company to discuss the performance of the directors in relation to a number of contracts.
The directors refuse to call the meeting.
The members/shareholders still want a members’ meeting to take place.
The members/shareholders come to your office seeking your advice.
Advise the members/shareholders as to what they can do.