Recent Question/Assignment

Choose a social determinant of health (SDH)that has been discussed in this unit (please select water as a SDH)
Choose a population from a culture other than your own, that is susceptible to, or protected from, health problems due to this social determinant ( e.g. lower caste families in India, families living under the poverty line in a western country such as Australia/UK/USA, young women in Pakistan, children in Afghanistan, Syrian refugees, persecuted or ethnic minorities in other countries, elderly population of Okinawa Japan,)
Explain what is a social determinant of health, (using your own words, not just a quotation), with reference to the literature? Name the social determinant and population you have selected
Analyse the impact(s) of your chosen social determinant of health on the selected population using evidence from the literature.
Discuss how the negative health impacts associated with your selected SDH could be addressed to improve the health of this population or how the health enhancing aspects of your selected SDH could be used to improve the health of others.
You will be assessed using the marking rubric on page (17) however this checklist may also be helpful:
Do you state the question at the beginning?
Have you included an introduction briefly outlining what will be discussed in your paper
Have you stated which SDH and population you are going to discuss?
Have you demonstrated how this population is affected by the SDH (positively/negatively) Note – you will need to demonstrate that the population you have selected is relevant i.e.. they are susceptible to, or are protected from health problems due to your chosen social determinant of health.
Have you discussed how the negative impacts of your chosen SDH could be addressed to improve the health of this population or how the SDH which is protective of health could improve the health of others?
Have you provided evidence to support your various discussion points and position?
Have you included a conclusion
Note you must be concise in your discussion to ensure you do not exceed the word limit.
please see the attached Rubric