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Submission: A soft copy of the essay must be submitted via Turnitin by Week 10 - Monday 4pm. Submission on an earlier date is acceptable. You will need to submit a hard copy of your newspaper articles (printed with coversheet) to BESS by Week 10 – Monday 4pm. A submission of your newspaper articles (printed with coversheet) to your tutor or to BESS prior to the due date is acceptable (NOTE: if we do not receive a copy of your newspaper articles as well as your essay submission via Turnitin by Week 10 – Monday 4pm, you will be penalised as per the guidelines below).
Extension: No extensions for this assessment task will be granted except for cases in which an application for Disruption to Studies is made and approved.
Penalties: No extensions will be granted. There will be a deduction of 10% of the total available marks made from the total awarded mark for each 24 hour period or part thereof that the submission is late (for example, 25 hours late in submission – 20% penalty). This penalty does not apply for cases in which an application for disruption of studies is made and approved. No submission will be accepted after solutions have been posted.
The essay is worth 40 marks (40%). It is due in Week 10 Monday 4pm to BESS (Newspaper articles) and via Turnitin (Essay).
Each student will be expected to submit an individual assignment of 1,500 words. The required format for the assignment is an ESSAY. The topic is as follows:
Choose and collect two newspaper or periodical articles that have relevance for international firms doing business in an emerging/developing market.
Your chosen articles must be published between 1 January 2018 and 1st May 2018 in one of the following newspapers or periodicals:
The Sydney Morning Herald, The Australian, The Australian Financial Review, The Wall Street Journal (US edition), The Economist
Include copies of both articles (either the original ‘cut-outs’ or a print out of the article from the newspaper’s website) as appendices to your assignment separately to BESS.
Based on your articles you should address the following points within your essay:
1. In your opinion, what is the most relevant macro-environment factor (legal, political, cultural and economic) for an international business when choosing to internationalise into an emerging/developing country? Discuss any international business concepts or theories that could be used to help justify your answer.
Your essay should incorporate at least 12 different references. These can be sourced from the following:
• • Academic articles
• • Relevant textbooks
• • Periodicals
• • Newspapers
• • Relevant online sources
The 12 references should be evenly balanced between these five resource options.
General guide to how to submit essay
Please note that when submitting your essay you must include the following:
• Cover sheet with student/s name, student ID number, tutorial/class enrolment number, tutorial day and time and Turnitin receipt number for your newspaper articles;
• MUST submit your newspaper articles with professional presentation into the correct BESS box with the correct tutor i.e. BUS 201 (your tutor)
Any submission not containing a student cover sheet or placed in an incorrect box at BESS will not be marked.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1941 words including References

Individual essay for (Introduction to global business)

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