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Assessment: In. IIE 111:3A,TIE: III
Choose a recent news/media article tho months that concerns a business ethiqz questions using an essay style format_
4. Provide a short introduction and 4. Outline and summarize the argu
relevant background/history and
implications_ (5 marks)
4. Discuss the key ethical issue/s/ • include: corporate governance, c corporate citizenship, leadership
4. In your opinion has/have the moo made? If so why? If not why not cases to support your answer_ (It this (in own opinion) reasonable
4. Outline your ethical decision-mat opinion/decision by identifying the philosophies outlined in the class. to support your answer (5marks) Writing (spelling and grammar),
You must include a copy of the article you will lose 5 marks_ (refer instruction
C) p ri With

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1815 words including References

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