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Unit BUS3004/312 International Marketing Name/Code
Assessment Type Report
Assessment Number 2
Assessment Name Integrated International Marketing Plan
Unit Learning Outcomes 2. Examine the economic, financial, cultural, social, political, legal and technological
Assessed environments of international markets.
4. Develop an integrated marketing plan for a product or service on a regional basis
Due Date and Time May 11, 5:00PM
Weighting 25%
Assessment In this assessment, you will create an integrated marketing plan for a specific company either
Description currently operating, or with the potential to operate internationally. This is a group assessment to demonstrate students’ team-work abilities, critical analysis and research skills, and capabilities in applying marketing frameworks. Selection of your Topic/Company:
1. Select a company that is currently operating, or has the potential to operate internationally (consider if there is demand for this product internationally?).
2. From the potentially diverse product portfolio of your chosen company, select one brand or single product/service to launch into a new market.
3. Select one country this brand or single product/service is not currently sold in (before you choose, again consider if there is evident market demand in that country).
4. Discuss and confirm these selections as a group, then confirm with your lecturer before Week 6.
5. Create a marketing plan for your company using the Assessment 2: Report Template
*tips - choose a company, industry, market that you can access information such as government records, industry reports, news/media articles etc. Choose a company that interests you and your group members.
Research Requirements:
• Secondary research including but not limited to, Government reports, Industry reports, Newspaper articles, Books, and Journal articles.
• You should also use the EBSCO Databases, which you can access through the Library Moodle page.
• This report will be submitted to Turnitin.
• Plagiarism and copying information from another student or online sources will not be tolerated.
• All students MUST acknowledge the author of any research you use in your report.
• To avoid being charged with Misconduct, you need to apply proper Harvard Style Referencing (ask your lecturer and/or the librarian if you do not know what this means).
• Use the library referencing guide.
Team work:
• In the case where one team member ceases contact and/or contribution to the group work, the group must notify and consult with the Lecturer as soon as possible.
• All students will submit a peer evaluation for their group members. Students who have a substantially lower percentage of contribution will have marks deducted.
Detailed Submission Requirements Before submission, you ensure the submitted work satisfies the following requirements:
• The submission must follow the Assessment 2 report template (from Moodle);
• Assessment will be submitted online through Moodle Turnitin;
• The assignment must be typewritten;
• The assignment must follow the recommended referencing style. Details of the key referencing methods can be found at: Moodle site. Appropriate referencing must be used to help avoid plagiarism.
• Structure: Use the template provided on Moodle;
• Word length: 2500 words
• Font/Font size: Times New Roman (preferred) /12, regular;
• Margin: (Left, right, top and bottom) 2.54 cm;
• Page numbers: yes;
• Line Spacing: 1.5;
• Paragraph Style: Justified