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Assignment 3 - Design an Integrated Marketing Communication Campaign- Vinamilk -
Campaign: #Dairy gives you fuel
Campaign Brief: Dairy consumption gives you energy for physical activity and provides with the nutrients to help with the recovery.
Target: Students (6-18 y.o.) who exercise daily
Activities: Sponsor for kid’s sport tournament (drinks, uniform), booths openings - online(take pictures with brand logo, check in on facebook, share video on YouTube) vs offline() activities.
Campaign Execution:
? Short recap videos of tournament + drink milk scenes on facebook (show off logo of brands on the uniform while kids play and show out energetic atmosphere) = gain shared on facebook, and brand awareness.
? Game contest on school booth (get tired - drink milk to recover) - check in when they win the prize.
1. Campaign Brief example mockup ( Lan + Tuan Anh )
You must first read and understand a campaign brief and KPI’s based on a mockup example provided (see below in Support Resources), or based on client briefing, which outlines the key business, and marketing objectives this integrated marketing communication campaign aims to tackle, and the key brand/product messages to convey.
Example of The Brief:
? Brand X [your preferred brand] is losing market share against its core competitors. From no#1 in the market, its has slipped to no#3. In the past 6 months, consumers of brand X switched and chose a competing brand instead.
? Consumers no longer feel connected to Brand X and its communication/marketing, it seems to be boring and old, there is no excitement in the brand nor its products. Brand X has neglected its consumers and customers.
? The Marketing team is tasked to bring buzz and ‘cool’ back into the brand and its product via an integrated campaign that will become the talk of the town.
? The Marketing team must use digital led ideas but must also integrate with any offline promotions or events/activations so that consumers can touch and feel the campaign, and possibly share back onto digital and social media channels. (official website, social media)
? The Campaign must be able to either get consumers back into stores to buy the product or share on social media the intention of purchase or any engagement with the brand/product via the act of sharing.
? The Campaign must have a very clear message to consumers.
? The Campaign is expected to run for 3 months with a total budget of 500,000 USD minimum including paid media and production, or with the estimated budget provided by the client.
If financial services are selected for example Visa card or insurance brands, the business problem could be the decrease in service usage.
You must also identify:( Tran Nhat Anh ) (See example of Coca on canvas)
? The brand target audience segment(s) in terms of demographic characteristics: age, location, occupation, income, etc.
? The brand consumer profile(s) (behavior and interest)
This is done by going to the chosen brand facebook fan page to select randomly 30 consumers’ profiles who interacted on its social post content in the last 30 - 90 days. Profiles must be public and visible of their Check-in, Their Likes, Their wall post, music, movie, travel, shopping taste. Choose between 2 representative consumers profiles.
2. Campaign Idea ( Lan + Tuan Anh )
You are then required to come up with a Campaign Big Idea, which expresses your core approach to tackling the campaign brief.
3. Campaign Content Pillars ( Lan + Tuan Anh )
You must develop a Campaign Content Framework consisting of 2 Content Master Themes with suitable content angles under each.
4. Campaign Execution Examples (Hoa)
You should then develop 2 Execution examples to be used in this campaign. (Execution examples can be in the form of an idea for a mobile application, a game - can be played on the campaign site or mobile devices, a contest on social media, a film/documentary idea for Youtube, etc.)
5. Campaign Success Measurement (KPIs) ( Pham Ngoc Tan )
You must then identify and develop the KPIs and metrics you will use to measure the effectiveness of this campaign, including the list of tools you would use to aid tracking and measurement. ( Xem ky week 10)
You need to present a budget plan for al campaign activities: run for 3 months with a total budget of 500,000 USD minimum (
( see template on gmail from lecturer)
6. You must then identify at least 3 different marketing channels you intend to use in this campaign and explain how you plan to use each of the channels and why it’s important.
(Official website, ,social media , external digital media content - advertise on other website )
7. Finally, you must be able to put together and present your integrated marketing campaign plan from start to finish, articulating clearly the rationale behind your campaign with how and why you think it will be a success.