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Fitzroy Health is a small medical centre with three doctors (GPs). Dr Freeman, the owner of the medical centre, will start his business in October this year. There will be three doctors and two receptionists in his medical centres. He expects there will be eight hundred patient records in the database. The consultation fees will be paid in three categories; 1. bulk bill, 2. patients pay in full amount or 3. patients pays the gaps. Dr Freeman has requested your IT consulting team to set up the accounting information systems for his new medical centre. In this project, your team is asked to do the following tasks for Dr Freeman.
A. Write a proposal for Fitzroy Accounting Information Systems. In your proposal, you should include the cost of the software systems, technical requirements, implementation and training strategy, cost of annual maintenance and support.
B. Briefly describe the accounting cycles, e.g. revenue cycle, expenditure cycle etc in your designed accounting system.
C. Provide samples of statements of financial position, financial performance and a cash flow statement for which of these reports will be generated by your accounting systems in future. List all these sample statements in the Appendix section of your proposal.
D. Provide a chart of accounts which supports above financial reporting in the Appendix section of your proposal.
Marks will be allocated as below.
Proposal [6 marks]
Accounting Cycle [6 marks]
Financial Statements [3 marks]
Create data File [3 marks]
Use of academic and accounting discipline conventions and sources of evidence [2 marks]
Late submission of assignment
This assignment must be handed in on the due date. Late assignment will be penalised. Any student submitting his/her assignment after the deadline but within 72 hours of it will be penalised 10% of the maximum mark available for the assignment. Any submissions after this time will receive a zero mark.
Extension for an assignment
Students may apply for consideration of circumstances, which significantly hamper their participation or performance in an assessment. These circumstances include temporary or permanent disability or exceptional and unforeseen circumstances.
Applications for consideration should be submitted to the national lecturer-in-charge (NLiC) before the due date for the assessment task. Requests for extension must be made on the appropriate form on or before the due date for submission, and must demonstrate exceptional circumstances, which may warrant the granting of an extension.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2102 words including Diagrams and References

Title: Fitzroy Health – Proposal

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