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HA2032 Corporate and Financial Accounting
Trimester 1 2018
Individual Assignment
Assessment Value: 20%
1. This assignment needs to be submitted in accordance with assessment policy stated in the Unit Outline and Student Handbook.
2. It is the responsibility of the student who is submitting the work, to ensure that the work is in fact her/his own work. Incorporating another’s work or ideas into one’s own work without appropriate acknowledgement is an academic offence. Students should submit all assignments for plagiarism checking on Blackboard before final submission in the subject. For further details, please refer to the Unit Outline and Student Handbook.
3. Maximum marks available: 20 marks
4. Assignment should be of 2,000 words. Please use “word count” and include in report. Presented in font size 12
5. Due date of submission: Week 11, Sunday at 11.59 p.m.
Format of the Report
1. You at least should have the following details:
a. Assignment Cover page clearly stating your name and student number
b. A table of contents, executive summary
c. A brief introduction or overview of what the report is about.
d. Body of the report with sections to answer the sections required and with appropriate section headings
e. Conclusion
f. List of references.
2. Diagrams and tables clearly labelled and explained.
3. Ensure all materials are correctly referenced. Plagiarism will be severely penalised.
Part A of this assignment contributes 8 marks towards the assignment assessment.
Choose one (1) company listed on the Australian Stock Exchange (ASX) and register the company with your Lecturer. Students are not to select the same company with any other student in their class.
Use two (2) recent years of your chosen company’s annual report, and answer the following questions. You must state the 2 years you are analysing in your report.
Based on the two-year annual reports of your chosen company, including its financial statements and notes to the financial statements, answer the following:
1. For each of the following, provide two (2) examples, as evidence of your chosen company fulfilling these issues:
a. providing qualitative characteristics of relevance and comparability
(1 example for each characteristic); and
b. disclosing environmental reporting practices (2 examples)
[4 marks]
2. In your opinion, are the information and disclosures provided by your company in (1) adequate? Explain.
[2 marks]
3. Provide at least two (2) recommendations to the top management of your chosen company, to strengthen its compliance with these disclosure issue(s) in future reporting periods.
[2 marks]
Part B of this assignment contributes 8 marks towards the assignment assessment.
i. Explain the purpose of the pre-acquisition entries in the preparation of consolidated financial statements. [1 mark]
ii. When, at acquisition date, there is a dividend payable by the subsidiary, under what conditions should the existence of this dividend be taken into consideration in preparing the pre-acquisition
entries? [2 marks]
iii. Why is it necessary to distinguish pre-acquisition dividends from post-acquisition dividends? [1 mark]
iv. If, at acquisition date, the subsidiary has recorded goodwill in its
records, how does this affect the preparation of the pre-acquisition
entries? [2 mark]
v. If, at the date the parent acquires a controlling interest in a subsidiary, the carrying amounts of the subsidiary’s assets are not equal to fair value, explain why adjustments to these assets are required in the preparation of the consolidated financial statements.
[2 mark]
Please prepare the above answers in your own words to demonstrate that you know how to explain consolidation entries.
The remainder of the marks will be assessed based on:
• Report Structure/Presentation [2 marks]
• Research Quality [2 marks]
Refer to the marking rubric on Blackboard.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2150 words including References

The company is Caltex Australia limited.

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