Recent Question/Assignment

School of Computing and Information Technology
Introduction to Health Informatics
Autumn 2018
Assignment 2
Weighting: 25%:
Group work – 4 in a group
Submission: 24th May at 11 pm.
Report 20, Seminar presentation 5
Word limit: 6000 words
Electronic health record has been encouraged to use in healthcare industry. Integrated health record would assist in health information retrieval and patient management. Patients’ access to their health record has been promoted in healthcare. Personal health records have been in use in different countries. In Australia, a digital health record system, “My Health Record” has been developed. Information regarding “My Health Record” is available at t/home
Assume that you are a digital health officer at the Digital Health Agency. Your team has been assigned to provide innovative ideas towards promoting My Health Record uptake. Your manager would like to know background information of personal health records in different countries, success stories and challenges related to personal health records and how to overcome these.
Your report will need to include following aspects but not only limited to them.
Literature on Personal Health Record Systems This could include
! personal health record system in different healthcare systems
! challenges in implementation of personal health record systems
! stakeholders opinions on personal health record systems
! reflection on My Health Record Systems to personal health record systems
Recommendations for promotions of My Health Record uptake. Conclusion