Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 1:-
Due Date: at 4pm on Monday 30th April
Essay - 1,500 words
Weighting: 30%
Essay topic: Identify one key theoretical debate/issue in contemporary human service organisations/social
work practice.
You can choose from the following theoretical debates/issues:
(1) Privatization/marketization
(2) Globalization
(3) New public management
(4) Priorities for public expenditure
(5) Service sector reform
(6) Managerialism
Provide evidence/examples of how this debate issue manifests in a social work context, and critically
discuss the implications for social work practice.
Marking criteria:
Capacity to identify and describe one theoretical debate/issue in contemporaty human service
organisations/social work practice, drawing on a minimum of 6 diverse and relevant references; (8
Capacity to identify relevant practice evidence/examples of how this debate/issue manifests in the
social work context, making links to the literature; (8 marks);
Ability to critically discuss the implications of the identified issue for social work practice; (8
Ability to use high quality written expression and adhere fully to APA referencing; (6 marks);

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1696 words including References

Topic Selected: Managerialism

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