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Part A1.3 –Business Report - Due 5pm Thursday 26/04/18
Refer to the Scenario on page 2. Write a business report that addresses the following four tasks in relation to your chosen organisation.
Task 1: Identify the purpose of your chosen organisation, its mission in 2017/8, and its profit/not-for-profit orientation. Begin this by reading p.4, p.13 and p. 93 and Table 4.1 in the textbook. Remember to cite the text and at least one peer reviewed academic journal. (200 words).
Task 2: Discuss your chosen organisation’s specific environment and analyse the impact of one real-life dimension in its specific environment in 2017/8. Begin this by reading pp. 32¬–41 of the textbook. Remember to cite the text and at least one peer reviewed academic journal. (600 words).
Task 3: Discuss your chosen organisation’s ethics and Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR). Begin this by reading pp. 52–59 of the textbook. Remember to cite the text and at least one peer reviewed academic journal. (600 words).
Task 4: Discuss your chosen organisation’s culture. Also complete and report on your results in the personal insights quiz ‘What’s the Right Organisational Culture for Me?’ (Robbins et al. 2016, p. 46) and evaluate your results from this quiz and reflect on how well you think you might fit into this organisation’s culture. Begin by reading pp. 42-44 and 46-47 of the textbook. Remember to cite the text and at least one peer reviewed academic journal. (600 words).
Report Format instructions
This report must include a Report Title page, Executive Summary, Table of Contents, Introduction, Body in which the four tasks are completed, a Conclusion and References. For each task, provide one section in the body of your report. (See Report Format below and in the Cloud site).
HINTS FOR BOTH A1.2 and A1.3:
All answers in this assessment must use academic sources (the textbook and peer reviewed academic journal articles) to define, describe, structure and support the information, discussion and analysis. Other sources can be used to provide information about your chosen organisation
Helpful resources
• See the MMM132 Resources Assessment Folder
• Ask questions to the MMM132 Unit Chair, Librarian, and Learning Support Staff on the MMM132 Discussion Forum or make an appointment to meet with them.
• Read the assessment rubric for this assignment to be sure you address all criteria.
Recommended formatting
• For A1.2 address and number the three tasks
• For A1.3 address the four tasks in the body of your Business Report
• For A1.3 use MMM132 Business Report Format
• one main idea per paragraph
• no single sentence paragraphs
• paragraph maximum of 250 words
• 1.5 space between lines
• number the pages
• use headings to help structure your assignment and be clear to the reader
Submission Instructions
• Submit A1.1 online. Submit A1.2 and A1.3 in MS Word (not PDF or Pages).
• Keep a backup copy of every assignment you submit until the marked assignment has been returned to you. In the unlikely event that one of your assignments is misplaced, you will need to submit your backup copy.
• Any work you submit may be checked by electronic or other means for the purposes of detecting collusion and/or plagiarism.
• When you are required to submit an assignment through your CloudDeakin unit site, you will receive an email to your Deakin email address confirming that it has been submitted. You should check that you can see your assignment in the Submissions view of the Assignment drop-box folder after upload, and check for, and keep, the email receipt for the submission.
Extensions: must be requested before the due date and made by emailing Extensions must be approved by the unit chair. Extensions can be granted for documented serious illness or documented compassionate reasons under extenuating circumstances.
Penalties for late submission: The following marking penalties will apply if you submit an assessment task after the due date without an approved extension: 5% will be deducted from available marks for each day up to five days, and work that is submitted more than five days after the due date will not be marked. You will receive 0% for the task. 'Day' means working day for paper submissions and calendar day for electronic submissions. The Unit Chair may refuse to accept a late submission where it is unreasonable or impracticable to assess the task after the due date.
For more information about academic misconduct, special consideration, extensions, and assessment feedback, please refer to the document Your rights and responsibilities as a student in this Unit in the first folder next to the Unit Guide of the Resources area in the CloudDeakin unit site.
Building evidence of your experiences, skills and knowledge (Portfolio)
Building a portfolio that evidences your skills, knowledge and experience will provide you with a valuable tool to help you prepare for interviews and to showcase to potential employers. There are a number of tools that you can use to build a portfolio. You are provided with cloud space through OneDrive, or through the Portfolio tool in the Cloud Unit Site, but you can use any storage repository system that you like. Remember that a Portfolio is YOUR tool. You should be able to store your assessment work, reflections, achievements and artefacts in YOUR Portfolio. Once you have completed this assessment piece, add it to your personal Portfolio to use and showcase your learning later, when applying for jobs, or further studies. Curate your work by adding meaningful tags to your artefacts that describe what the artefact represents.

MMM132 Business Report Format
(Adapted from
Title page
(not included in the word count) • Title of report (should be short to indicate what the report is about)
• Name and website of organisation
• Student name and ID number
• Unit code and unit name
Executive summary This is a summary of the whole report. Outline the task and explain the research process used, what you found, and what your findings mean.
(Approximately 200 words)
Table of contents (not included in the word count) List the headings of the main sections and sub-sections of your report. (Use the MSWord template provided in the unit site to learn to create heading styles and an automatic Table of Contents – TOC.)
Introduction Set the scene; give some background information about the report/organisation; state the aim/purpose of the report. Provide an outline of the main sections in the body of the report. (Approximately 150 words)
Body with 4 sections Organise the body of the report into sections. You should have four sections. Each section should cover each of the four tasks with a clear section heading. Your discussion and analysis of each task should:
• define and describe academic theory/concepts,
• describe what you found relevant to these theories and ideas about the organisation,
• discuss your interpretation, analyses and evaluation of what you found,
• correctly cite references drawn from the textbook and peer reviewed academic journal sources.
Remember to include at least the textbook and one peer reviewed academic reference for each task. (Approximately 2000 words)
Conclusion Summarise what has been identified in the report. Use the information from the body of your report to identify the future direction of the organisation in light of its purpose, environments, ethics and CSR, and your ‘match/fit’ to a graduate role in that organisation.
(Approximately 150 words)
Recommendations NOT required in this assignment.
(not included in the word count) A list of all of the in-text sources that you cited in the report using the Deakin Harvard referencing style:
Appendices – No marks [optional] NOT required in this assignment.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2719 words including References

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