Recent Question/Assignment

This asm contain 45 slide of the ppt which is due on 2/5.
Or you can devided into 3 part. 15 slide each.
The topic is about :”falls in elderly in australia-in hospital and in community setting”
It will need to cover and addressed:
1. Definition of falls
2. Risk factors
3. How many % of fall in hospital?
4. How many % of fall in community setting?
5. What disease that cause them to fall? And % of each disease.
6. % of survival after the incidents occur?
6. Solution to minimize the incidents?
7. Education & skill required for staffs?
8. Education & skill required for family members?
9. Etc.....
10. look deeper into the topic and ?pand the work
Thank you & Best regards,
Thành Nguy?n