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Assessment 5: Learning Reflective Journal
Allocation: 30%
Due Date: Week 12
Submission: Submit report via VU Collaborate Assessment Dropbox
Objective: The objective of this assessment is for students to reflect on the subject, to critically assess their own performance and skills development and to demonstrate their ability to analyze issues related to business ethics.
In your reflective journal you must address the following three topics: Individual Learning, EBL Learning & Business Ethics.
1. Individual Learning
Reflect on the unit’s Learning Outcomes and write on which tasks (in-class & assessment) and seminars assisted your learning the most & least (explain why and how). This is your reflection and not what your classmates think.
Minimum 800 words
2. EBL Learning:
How did you use the Enquiry Based Learning (EBL) process to assist your understanding of business ethics?
Minimum 500 words
3. Business Ethics
a. Demonstrate your new business ethics insight by applying the unit’s ideas to a past moral dilemma you faced. Would your actions & the outcome change now? (Explain the context & your actions, then re-interpret them using business ethics ideas (with references))
Minimum 500 words
b. An understanding of ethical theories & moral reasoning will assist me to apply business ethics in my future professional practice by… (Include references from readings & application to specific scenarios.)
Minimum 500 words
Submit your work through Turnitin.
Use Harvard Reference Style where necessary.
You are encouraged to be creative in your journal writing. You can add pictorials as part of your reflective expression.
Word counts are a guide to minimum writing. You are encouraged to write your journal after each class. Time is provided in the class for you to note down some quick reflections.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2428 words including References

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Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 2541 words including References

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