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Task 3: Monitor and Improve Customer Service
Performance objective
The student will demonstrate the ability to monitor, adjust and review customer service.
Assessment description
You will develop strategies to monitor progress and obtain customer feedback. You will use performance information and customer feedback provided by your assessor to review customer service strategies and produce a report with recommendations for improvement.
1. Read the following scenario:
The board at Innovative Widgets is pleased with the control you have taken to address some of the customer service problems that had arisen. Mary is performing better at her job and feeling more confident in her role. Yore Mine continues to purchase their widgets from Innovative Widgets.
At this stage, the board would like you to take some steps to improve organisation-wide delivery of customer service. They would like some specific targets developed to measure the performance of the customer service team. They would also like to monitor customer satisfaction levels and then recommend any changes required to improve the delivery of customer service at Innovative Widgets.
2. Develop a set of KPIs for Innovative Widgets customer service representatives. KPIs should address the areas of customer and business requirements identified below:
a. call/enquiry/complaint handling time
b. following organisational procedures
c. identifying customer issues and opportunities to increase customer satisfaction or meet customer needs
d. assisting team members to improve customer service
e. assisting other internal customers of customer service team
f. customer retention
g. sales
h. ability to handle complaints
i. ability to record and store customer information
j. customer satisfaction.
3. Develop a plan or procedure for monitoring team members’ performance against KPIs.
4. Develop a questionnaire to collect customer feedback related to KPIs and/or designed to uncover identifiable gaps between services provided (including the quality of service) and customer expectations.
5. Arrange to meet with your manager (assessor) to receive performance data and feedback from customers.
6. Discuss issues and possible solutions with your manager (assessor).
7. Analyse performance data and customer feedback to identify systemic customer service issues and trends.
8. Prepare a 1–2 page report for the management at Innovative Widgets containing recommendations for organisation-wide customer service improvement. The report should contain:
a. 3–4 recommendations. At least one recommendation should address how to improve public relations at Innovative Widgets.
b. A rationale for each recommendation based on your knowledge of:
i. problem identification and resolution ii. managing customer service and customer relationships iii. managing quality customer service delivery
iv. procuring appropriate technology to address customer needs.
9. Submit all documents to your assessor as per the specifications below. Ensure you keep a copy of all work submitted for your records.
You must provide:
? a set of KPIs for customer service team members and a plan or procedure for monitoring team members’ performance
? a questionnaire to gather customer feedback
? a report containing recommendations for improvement of customer service.
Your assessor will be looking for:
? reading skills to interpret Innovative Widgets information
? writing skills to match your style of writing to the documents’ purpose and audience ? communication skills to use listening and questioning techniques to obtain information
? work skills to:
? collaborate with manager (assessor) to discuss customer service problems and options
? address complex customer service problems and use problem-solving techniques to identify solutions
? technology skills to prepare and present documents.

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