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BUS104 – Introduction to Marketing
T1 2018
ASSESSMENT 2: Essay (Individual) – 15%
The assignment is served as two purposes: a) to assess students’ knowledge about contemporary issue of marketing and b) as a diagnostic test of the students’ writing and referencing skills. This contributes to Learning Outcomes a, b and e.
Essay topic: “To what extent social media giving power to consumers to take actions againts companies. Discuss”
The students are required to respond to the statement above and write the responses in an essay format. The points of this assessment are to test students’ knowledge on contemporary marketing issues as well as to provide students with an at-risk assessment. The aim is to give students an early assessment with feedback to identify students who are at risk of not achieving a pass in the subject.
This assessment will allow lecturer/tutor to work with the students and provide early feedback which they can take on board for later assignments. If necessary the student may be referred to the learning support unit for further help.
As the assessment asks for the opinion, the arguments need to be supported with reliable sources of information. It is expected that the students will cite at least 4 references. Sources that can be used, for example, include the textbook and refereed journal articles. Please refrain from using internet sources like, seminar slides, dictionaries, In addition, at KOI copying from a source without proper acknowledgement is severely penalised as leaving paragraphs and sentences without a citation.
Although the key aims of this task is for lecturers/tutors to see the strengths and possible areas of improvement with the students’ academic writing, the students should strive to write in as clear a manner as possible, using well-constructed paragraphs, and avoiding bullet points, incomplete sentences, or overly formal or informal language.
Submission Details
- Individual Assessment
- Word limit: 1500 words (±10%) (excluding reference list)
- You need to state the word count of the assessment on the cover page.
- The response should be professionally in Arial 10pt or Times New Roman 12pt, single space. Harvard (Anglia) style referencing.
- Submission deadline Week 6 – Sunday 21 April 2018, by 3pm
- Softcopy to be uploaded Turnitin via Moddle links
- Late penalties and extensions:
An important part of business life and key to achieving KOI’s graduate outcome of Professional Skills is the ability to manage workloads and meet deadlines. Consequently, any assessment items such as in- class quizzes and assignments missed or submitted after the due date/time will attract a penalty. Penalty for written assessment is - 5% of the total available marks per calendar day unless an extension is approved
- Applying for extension:
If students are unable to submit or attend an assessment when due, and extensions are possible, they must apply by completing the appropriate Application for Extension form available from the Student Information Centre in Moodle, the KOI Website (Policies and Forms) and the Reception Desk (Market St and Kent St), as soon as possible but no later than three (3) working days of the assessment due date. The completed form must be emailed with supporting documentation to and lecturers / tutors will be advised of the outcome of the extension request as soon as practicable. Appropriate documentary evidence to support the request for an extension must be supplied. Please remember there is no guarantee of an extension being granted, and poor organisation is not a satisfactory reason to be granted an extension.
Marks out of 15 will be awarded based on how well the following criteria is addressed:
Criteria % Marks
Focus and detail – clear main ideas and well supported by detail and accurate information 20%
Organisation of the essay : Inforamtion is relevant and presented in logical order 20%
Sentences, structure, grammar, mechanics and spelling 20%
References and referencing skills
A full Marking Rubric will be provided in Moodle.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1673 words including References


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