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Assessment Task 2 – Electronic poster
Informed by your personal values, design a poster that demonstrates the interrelationship between the 6 C’s of caring and the Code of Conduct (Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia [NMBA], 2017) and the Code of Ethics (International Council of Nurses [ICN], 2012).
An Infographic is a single page of information that incorporates images, data and texts to convey a visual representation of material. Infographics demonstrate relationships between concepts and convey data in a compact and shareable format.
Due date: Friday 4th of May. (Please refer to campus tile for submission directions).
Weighting: 40%
Length and/or format: Single page infographic of text and images in pdf format and a reference list (separate page)
Purpose: The purpose of this assessment is to encourage an understanding of the 6C’s of caring (Compassion, Competence, Conscience,
Confidence, Commitment and Comportment)
Learning outcomes assessed: LO2, LO3
How to submit: Create a poster using available software (e.g. Canva, padlet) save the poster and reference list as a PDF then submit to LEO through the Turnitin box on your campus tile.
Return of assignment: via Turnitin in week 8
Assessment criteria: This assessment will be marked using the criterion
based rubric
Instructions on preparing Assignment 2 – Infographic (ePoster)
Step 1. Research Content
Utilise the resources of the library and the embedded content in the NRSG 138 LEO site to develop an understanding of the 6Cs of Caring, the Code of Ethics (ICN, 2012) and the Code of Conduct (NMBA, 2017). I suggest that you have some A3 paper and bright coloured pens and take notes as you assemble the information that you want to use.
Step 2. Be selective and Be Concise
You need to relate these two topics and demonstrate the links between the 6C’s of caring and the Code of Conduct (NMBA, 2012) and the Code of Ethics (ICN, 2012). Think about what these documents contribute to nursing professional standards in Australia.
Be Concise; the purpose of an Infographic is different from that of an essay and you need to choose words that communicate your intended message as clearly as possible in the minimum amount of words. A useful guide for the word count is 250 to 500 words.
Rather than trying to say everything think about what your central message is and build the poster around that.
Step 3. Design your infographic
You can choose to do this electronically or with pens and paper. In preparing your poster please ensure using font minimum size 11 - for readability purposes.
Use meaningful and relevant images, graphs and pictures to convey the message without overloading the viewer/reader. - Be cautious about trying to pack too much in. Remember to cite references in-text.
Step 4. Develop an electronic version
You can use any free available online platforms to create your electronic poster (e.g. Canva, Piktochart, Padlet, etc.). Or you may simply choose to use a word doc.
Step 6. Include a Reference List
A reference list is needed because you will cite other people’ s works in your poster. The reference list is placed at the end of your poster. Format the reference list as per APA referencing style.
If you need assistance in using APA referencing you can get help from Library or go to one of the following websites:
ACU resources
Step 7. Make a PDF Upload and Submit
After completing the poster convert it to a PDF format
Save it to your computer
Upload the document into the dropbox under the Assessment tile of the NRSG 138 LEO site
An exemplar ePoster has been provided for you to look at and is available.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 551 words including Diagrams, Images and References

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