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BSBCUE205 Prepare for work in a customer engagement environment
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Assessment Task 1 Knowledge Based Questions
Part 1 Short Question-Answer
1. Identify three things an employee can do when talking with a customer so it is a good experience for the customer.
Hint: Understanding the products and explaining the details to customers
2. Identify two things an employee can do when talking with a customer that will help a company increase the money they make.
Hint: What could you do with a customer so that they are likely to buy a product or service?
3. What is the difference between a backstage and front-end customer engagement role?
4. A company aims to make sure every customer leaves with a good feeling about the company, product or service. Identify three things you could do to make this happen.
5. One part of a computer system used to manage customers is called a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system. A CRM saves customer information like job role, past purchases, credit card details and more. Explain how a CRM can help customer service staff when helping a returning customer.
6. A staff member who serves customers will need to have a variety of skills to do their role and use the computer system. What are two technology skills that might be needed for the computer system or to communicate with other team members?
Hint: Being able to use the telephone system to answer and transfer customer calls.
7. What people within a company that services customers, could support an employee who works directly with customers?
Hint: Think about who would be available to help you if you worked with customers in a hardware store, coffee shop or clothes store.
8. A colleague may offer you advice or feedback on how you talked with a customer so you can improve next time. What other things could you use to improve the way you work with customers?
9. A team member may give their supervisor some suggestions to improve the way staff deal with customers. What needs to be done to ensure the improvements are actioned and feedback given to the team member?
10. When a customer comes to a company they want to be served the same way each time since this is comforting for a customer. What should management do so this can happen?
11. Businesses often have sales teams call (telephone) people through the day and night trying to sell their products and services. What federal act must be followed with when calling people on the phone?
12. An employee will usually have a meeting with their manager to discuss their performance. It is unlikely the manager will have recorded everything you have done throughout the year. How could you make sure all your activities are recorded?
13. List three ways you can be positive about your company and job role.
14. Acting ethically means to behave in the right manner. You should always ask yourself if you are behaving in the right or wrong manner. For instance, asking someone to invest money when you know they will lose it would be unethical. Are you acting ethically if you let a customer buy a product they like when you know it will not meet their needs? Explain your answer.
15. Identify two short and two long term career goals.
Hint: short term could be 2 to 3 years and long term could be 5 to 10 years
16. An employee may have a personal skill, such as leadership skills, that they can use in their current job role and that may help with future job promotions. Provide a personal skill you have that would help you in a role where you assist customers.
17. A lawyer will usually meet a client in a suit and tie because it creates a professional image. Identify two more ways you could show a professional image.
18. How could you promote your company, while assisting customers?
Hint: Creating relationships with customers and remaining in contact.
19. Why is it important to know what each team member does and how the team is made up?
20. In what ways can you work with and communicate with team members to help each other?
21. Bunnings Hardware is a well-known company within Australia. Identify their customer base.
Hint: Customer base are the people that purchase products and services from them.
Assessment Task 2 Scenario Analysis
Part 1
Australis Plumbing is a company that is quickly growing throughout Australia. It is Australis Plumbing’s objective to have stores in all states and territories of Australia and be known for the great way it serves its customers.
The Company’s major customer base is trades people looking for plumbing supplies, but they are also open to the public. It is important that Australis Plumbing tracks and records previous trade sales so they can judge future sales and keep stock levels high.
Australis Plumbing wants to have the highest quality plumbing products and outstanding customer service staff.
1. What are two things you could do when working with customers to ensure they keep coming back to Australis Plumbing?
2. How can excellent customer service to trades people and the public help Australis Plumbing be successful?
3. You are a staff member working with customers at Australis Plumbing. What would you think are your main roles and activities each day?
A tradesperson has returned to the store just before closing, after coming in early this morning. The tradesperson had purchased two 5 inch PVC ‘C’ pipes for a customer’s job 30 kilometres out of town. Now in the store they are angry because they were provided with 3 inch pipes instead of 5 inch pipes.
4. Think of two personal skills you will need to have and use to deal with this situation.
Hint: Understanding the trades person’s emotions and accepting responsibility for the situation
So it is easier to work with returning trades people, Australis Plumbing records all customers, tracks their purchases, the time between sales and much more. All of this information helps the Company to know what a tradesperson will need and to provide the best possible service.
5. Identify two types of computer software and hardware you would use to achieve the previous data collection.
The manager of the Sydney store is about to hire another staff member to work with customers since the business has been doing so well.
6. What skills would a staff member need to use Australis Plumbing’s computing system?
Part 2
The town you live in is very excited since a new theme park is about to open its doors. It is a great chance for the locals to get a job.
Many of your friends have been lucky enough to get a job at the theme park working with customers in different ways. Three of the roles are:
1. Managing theme park rides – starting and stopping the rides, working out how many people can be on each ride and whether the people waiting meet the ride rules, e.g. height or age restrictions.
2. Working in the theme park food outlets – preparing and serving food and drinks, keeping stock levels, handling cash and credit card payments.
3. Ticket sales window – letting visitors know the pricing details and park information, being aware of park specials and discounts, membership information, handling cash and credit card payments.
Being new employees and in many cases being their first job there will be lots of information to learn about each job. Think of yourself doing one of these job roles.
1. Select one of the roles above and identify who would be able to offer you support.
Hint: What staff would you work with that could help you do your job?
2. Select one of the jobs and think of the possible information that might be available to help you to perform your job role.
Hint: There might be different rules and regulations or manuals to be followed
In the ticket sales window, the new staff member has been asking for help when it comes to the different membership options. On these occasions, the supervisor has simply taken over and completed the booking.
3. If you were the ticket sales window staff member, how would you change this situation so you could learn from the support offered?
The new staff member employed in the food outlets has had a number of problems. At times throughout the day customers have returned food because it was either cold or does not taste as it should.
4. What would be the best way of recording these problems and reporting them to management?
5. What steps would you take if a customer returns food with either of the two problems?
A theme park is a huge business with many different areas covered by different rules and government legislation.
6. Provide one rule or law that should be followed in each of the three job roles.
Hint: Minimum heights for rides, laws on how to handle cash or work safely.
7. Select one of the rules or laws and explain how you would make sure it was followed.
Part 3
You were hired about two months ago as a real estate agent at Point Cook Realtors. As part of your job role, you need to:
• visit home owners to do property valuations (let home owners know what price they might be able to sell their house for) • open houses (buyers can look through a house to see if they like it)
• auctions
• meetings with clients
• beginning contracts and closing deals.
There is a large amount of responsibility in the role, especially in dealing with probably the most valuable asset people have – their house.
1. In the past couple of weeks it has been slower in the office, with few houses to advertise for sale and fewer houses being sold. What are three ways you can keep a good attitude during this slower period?
2. A school friend has seen a property that you have for sale and has asked if there is anything you can do to push down the sale price. In your role as a real estate agent you work for both the buyer and seller, so are there any ethical problems with what your friend is asking?
3. In your role as a real estate agent, what could be two short and two long-term career objectives you would like to achieve?
4. Think of the different parts of your job as a real estate agent and your career objectives. Think of two skills you would need when working with buyers and sellers.
Hint: The ability to begin a conversation.
5. As a real estate agent, it is very important to look and sound professional to the people you work with. List two ways you as a real estate agent could be viewed as professional.
6. During the quiet time at the office there is a chance for you to promote the real estate agency and yourself. Provide three ways you could do this.
Hint: Advertising on the television

Assessment Task 3 Role-play
Task description
• This task is to be performed with your trainer. Your trainer will play the role of a Customer Service Representative and you will be the Manager.
• The role-play will take approximately 10 minutes. You will need to perform the role-play during the scheduled workshops or any other appropriate time that is mutually agreed with you and the trainer (it has to be within your trainer’s working hours, you cannot request a time outside of your trainer’s working hours). Please book in a time with your trainer in advance. Speak to the Student Services team if you have difficulty booking an assessment time with your trainer.
• During the role play, you can use palm-cards/Post-It notes/cue cards with the points however you cannot read out whole a script.
• Your trainer will observe you during the role-play and will complete an observation checklist. Please make sure you attach the signed observation checklist when submitting your assessment.
• We recommend you practise the role-play beforehand and make sure you are covering the required areas while doing the role-play. Use the observation checklist below as your guide.
During the role play, you (The Manager) will be observed for the following:
? Greeted the Customer Service Representative in a professional and courteous manner.
? Clearly explained the reason for the meeting.
? Indicated where documentation on team member job roles and team structure can be located.
? Explained the reason why it is so important to understand team job roles and structure.
? Provided different ways of communicating with team members in a cooperative and friendly manner.
? Asked the Customer Service Representative if they have any questions.
? Thanked them for their time.
Role play scenario
Imagine you are the manager of a large furniture company with a staff of 20 who work with customers and do office work.
You employed a new staff member to work with customers and after their first week you noticed they were doing roles that were the responsibility of others or taking customers that were already being served by another staff member.
It is clear they do not understand their role within the team structure so you have decided to call a meeting with the staff member. The meeting will cover:
• How team member roles can be identified?
• How the structure of the team can be identified?
• How to communicate cooperatively with other team members?

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