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EDF 4121 (2018): Assessment Task One
EDF4121 Teaching: the power to change
Assessment Task 2: Research essay: Teacher Inquiry Literacy in my specialisation
Word count: 1600 words (equivalent), excluding the reference list
Word limit: 1760 words (equivalent) maximum, excluding the reference list
Weighting/Value: 40%
Estimated return date: 3 weeks from date of submission
Submission date: 11.55 pm on Saturday April 21st 2018 (end week 7) ? VIA MOODLE (Word Documents Only)
Ø File should be named as follows: surname_firstname_ AT2
Critically discuss the nature of inquiry literacy in the context of your own specialisation.
What makes it the same or different to a generic idea of what is meant by the term? How well developed is your own inquiry literacy? What factors have influenced you to reach that stage? How do you think do you need to improve over the next two years before you graduate?
Your task involves two parts that do not have sub-headings (this is an essay):
Part A requires you to discuss ? the meaning of inquiry literacy
Ø how it relates to your own specialisation (e.g. is inquiry literacy the same across all specialisations? If not, in what ways? Why not?
Ø Justify your opinion with reference to literature on theories of teaching and/or inquiry and/or pedagogy, and so on
As a guide, Part A should be about 1200 words in length.
You must refer to:
§ the first four weeks of the EDF4121 coursework program, including the readings
§ additional academic literature that you have researched, and
§ at least two video interviews of educators reflecting on their personal trajectory. These videos are on the Moodle site under Assessment Task Two. You should watch one video of an educator in your preferred teaching setting, plus at least one other from a different teaching environment. This is to give you a contrast to use as a base for the analysis.
Part B requires you to first identify the factors that have influenced • who you are and what kind of teacher you hope to be
• the current level of your own inquiry literacy.
• What has created this level of inquiry literacy in you?
• What do you need to improve
As a guide, Part B should involve about 400 words.
EDF 4121 (2018): Assessment Task One
Your essay should:
a. Make use of the lecture/workshop material and relevant readings (the academic literature) to guide your analysis. These may include:
o readings provided as part of the reading list; o other items made available on Moodle; o readings discussed in class;
o additional peer-reviewed readings that you find yourself. (Peer-reviewed readings include journal articles from academic publications that been vetted by other academics. This is usually stated clearly on the journal website or at the start of any hard copy publication. They also include research-based books published by academic publishers.)
o NB: The readings are in addition to the prescribed texts. It is expected that, aside from the prescribed texts, you will refer to and make use of at least two (2) readings.
b. Meet the word count (within 10%), and be logically and coherently structured. The word count includes all in-text citations and quotations.
c. Use clear and appropriate language that is correct in both spelling and grammar.
d. Ensure your work is original and that you identify (i.e. cite a reference) where you draw on the words and ideas of others.
e. Make correct use of the APA 6th Edition style of citation.
f. Include your name in the header of each numbered page.
g. The document should be fully and correctly formatted as a professional Word document (margins, page numbers, use of appropriate formatting, and so on)
This task addresses the following Unit Outcomes:
This task addresses the following APTS:

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1885 words including References

Title: Inquiry Literacy

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