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Course: Organizational Behaviour.
Due Date: April 14@ 11:55 pm.
Words: You decide (Part 3 : 1 page, Part 5: 1 Page)
Formatting: Double spacing, 12 Times New Roman font and standard 1” margins.
Assignment Details:
This is my parts required for our group project. (Attachments: Team Contract)
Please read the assignment detail bellow and answer parts 3 & 5.
TEAM CASE PROJECT: STAGE 3 Group Process Report
Report contents: This assignment is designed to reflect on some of the group dynamics that we discussed in this course and to determine how they may have impacted your group. You do not need to come to a consensus on the answers. If individuals have differing views, explain those views.
This task is to help you determine how effective your group was. Please note that you do not earn marks for being the “perfect” group. You earn marks for giving an honest and realistic reflection of your group. This assignment is to be written in paragraph form and must be compiled as a team, with each person’s perspective considered for each question.
You will discuss the concepts identified below; you can add more discussion on anything you think is relevant to your team, as all teams are different in their development. You must incorporate the relevant OB terminology and concepts into your responses to demonstrate your understanding of the concepts. You must use examples from your group’s functioning to demonstrate your understanding of and ability to connect organizational behaviour concepts and its effects/impacts on your team.
3. Norms and your Team Contract, providing specifics from your team experience:
a. Identify the norms of your group. Where possible, identify the norms as performance, social, arrangement and allocation of work, etc.
b. Identify the positive and negative norms established by your group. Assess how the norms established by your group affected your group’s progress/performance.
c. Discuss the effectiveness of your team meetings and your progress on the project with regard to the norms of behavior you established for your group.
5. Choosing Conflict and/or Power (3 marks):

a. Conflict: Describe the source(s) of the conflict(s), conflict handling strategies, impact on the group – functional or dysfunctional.

b. Power: Discuss what specific types of power were exerted in the group that influenced the decisions and actions of the group either positively or negatively. Were there power struggles in the group?
Title Page reads “Group Process Report for TEAM NAME”, each group member’s name, instructor name, submission date.
Content Length: Five full type written pages (not including Title page) to a maximum of 7 pages of content applying double spacing, 12 Times New Roman font and standard 1” margins. The document must be created in Microsoft Word.
Headings are optional. Topic sentences and transitions between concepts will suffice.
Grammar and spelling errors will be deducted to a maximum of 10%.

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 713 words including References

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