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Graded Assignment 3 -Location & Lay out
• Due 14th April
• Points 60
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Q1. Location
A. Discuss the factors that influence an international organization's choice of location.
B. A school district is considering four locations for a new high school. There are four factors the district is considering (cost of land, distance to students, land size, and traffic flow). The higher the factor score, the better. The district would like to compare results using two weighting systems. The first system would give each factor equal weight and the second would give the factors weights of .4, .2, .1, and .3 respectively. Use the factor rating method to determine which location is best for each weighting system. (Note that the weights for system 1 can be anything, as long as they're equal.) Which location would you advise? What other factors might the school district consider?
Q2. Lay out
Discuss the impact of volume and variety on process design and layout design.
Q3. Balance the line
John, an operations manager at Clan Corp. must set up an assembly line to assemble a computer mouse. The precedence diagram below is defined with task times in parentheses and stated in minutes. There are 480 minutes of assembly time per shift and there is one shift. The forecast (output rate) is 60 units per shift.
a. Compute the cycle time per unit in minutes.
b. Compute the minimum number of workstations required.
c. Use the longest-task-time heuristic to balance the assembly line.
d. Compute the efficiency of your assembly line.
This assignment is used to assess LO 6 & 7:
6. Students understand the major determinants of facility location decisions and will know how to use factor rating models to assist in the decision.
Students can discuss the facility location decision process to include the major variables. The student will, given the necessary information, also be able to use factor rating to assist in the location decision.
7. Students understand the basic issues involved in facility layout with an emphasis on assembly line-type manufacturing. Student can balance as assembly line to meet the expected production volume will be able to determine the maximum output of the assembly line. Students can also explain the impact of cycle time on production capacity
Some Rubric (1)
Some Rubric (1)
Criteria Ratings Pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeQ1 20.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeQ2 20.0 pts
This criterion is linked to a learning outcomeQ3 20.0 pts
Total points: 60.0

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