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Assessment Item 2: Literature Review
Objective: To produce an individual literature review paper. Hence, through the use of up-to-date literature, identify an engineering research problem.
A brief description of the task: In this assessment task you will be required to conduct a literature review on a self-proposed topic within the scope of engineering. Your literature review paper will be based on the systematic and explicit identification, evaluation and interpretation of the existing engineering research related to your topic. In order to be successful, you will: demonstrate digital literacy skills, access the most relevant and up-to-date literature associated with your topic and disseminate it in a fashion which clearly and explicitly identifies a gap in the current knowledge with a subsequent research question. When conducting this work, you should primarily consider content from peer-reviewed journal and conference articles; however, you may also consult: patents, government manuals and reports, authentic internet resources, various standards (including Australian standards) and published posters, provided they are credible sources. Your paper should demonstrate the correct use of citations and a subsequent reference list, according to engineering research standards.
You must determine and justify a research gap in the literature and therefore explicitly state an engineering research question. Ensure that you are identifying a research gap and not producing a motivation statement. i.e. This process could be more efficient/work better etc. is a motivation statement and not a research gap. We currently do not understand how A influences B in scenario C is a research gap.
Your submitted paper will be marked according to the marking rubric associated with this assessment. Assessment Item 2 is worth 25% of the total assessment for this unit.
What you need to do: You are required to submit an individual paper of 1000 (±20%) words (excluding the reference list) that justifies the need for further research. A minimum of 15 references from various sources will need to be used and should be referenced correctly and consistently using a recognised style (i.e. Harvard, APA or IEEE).

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1082 words including References

Topic: Tensile strength of Carbon fibre reinforced polymers when manufactured using fused deposition modelling or fused filament fabrication

Note: It is based on previous assignment

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