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Chapter 6 – Segmentation, targeting and positioning

Please post your answers to the following questions on the discussion forum and respectfully reply to any other answers provided by your peers.
• Browse the following websites and identify each company’s targeting strategy. Justify your answer.
– Shoes of Prey (

• Do some brief research on McDonald’s. Discuss some changes it has done in the past few years to reposition its brand. Why do you think McDonald’s need to reposition its brand?
• Video case: please watch the video at the end of Week 5 and answer the following:
You have just received a sizable inheritance and after giving part of it to charity, you now have $500,000 to begin a new retail operation in your local area.
Go to,
Type in the four-digit postcode of where they currently live or somewhere close by, this should provide you some basic information about this local market. What kind of retail operation will you invest in? Post up the answer and supporting evidence.