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301005- PPC
Reflection Essay – 1
Answer following questions
Q1. Do you think that the practice of professional communication at workplace is important for professional growth? If yes, justify your answer with an example. (Write your answer in 750 words).
Q2. Can social media assist an organisation to better reach target audiences? If so, how? Justify your answer with example. Describe which social media tools should be used by organisation? (Write your answer in 750 words)
Q3. Consider following situation write your answer in 500 words.
Situation: Consider you and Chris are working together in IT department of Western Sydney university to collate the IT department’s annual employee Engagement Survey. You are meeting every week for 2 hrs to discuss the progress on survey and ways to organise information. Most of the time you feel that all your interaction with Chris are not good and positive.
You are frustrated and unhappy because before giving any suggestion Chris always wait for your ideas first. Then, after listening your suggestions Chris criticises your suggestions and shows his disagreement with your ideas and suggestions.
Write your answer for the following question
Q. Discuss strategies you would use to respond assertively to Chris. And discuss feedback techniques you and Chris should use for effective management of interactions with each other?