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CNA151 Health and Health Care in Australia
Assessment Task 2: Case Study Hint Sheet
The case study provided requires you to use the information presented in the lectures, tutorials and readings in weeks 1-4 to analyse the issues.
The case study is designed to provide an opportunity for you to apply and demonstrate the knowledge that you have gained. Therefore ensure that you show that you understand key concepts in the answers that you provide. For example, instead of stating “Stress is a social determinant of health in the case study” – provide a definition of a social determinant, and explain how stress is a social factor that impacts on health and wellbeing.
You are also expected to read widely and to accurately reference the sources of information that you include. You might find it useful to jot down the details you need for your references as you go, or better still use a referencing tool such as EndNote (see your friendly UTAS librarians for assistance).
Useful sources of information and data for this case study include (but are not limited to):
? Australian Bureau of Statistics -
? Australian Institute of Health and Welfare -
? METeOR -
? Australian Urban Research Infrastructure Network -
? Public Health Information Development Unit -
? Whitehall Studies -
? World Health Organisation -
? Brotherhood of St Laurence (social exclusion) -
The key questions you need to address are listed below with some prompts (hints) as to the kinds of information that you might include in your answer. Please be guided by the weightings in the assessment rubric and suggested word counts in response to each question.
You may use the questions as headings but you need to write in sentences and paragraphs, not dot points. You do not need an introduction or conclusion for the paper or for each question.
Case study questions (and prompts):
? What are the characteristics of the individuals in this case study? (300 words) ? Who are they? Where and how do they live?
? What evidence can you find that supports this?
? Information and statistics about household incomes, family structure, education, employment, housing
? What are the social determinants of health that are evident in the case study? (400 words) ? What are the specific social determinants that apply to this case study?
? How do these social determinants impact on the health and wellbeing of the individuals in the case study?
? Refer to evidence that links social determinants to health issues
? Select one of these social determinants and describe the best ways to address this issue in order to have an impact on the whole of population? (300 words)
? This question requires you to think beyond the level of the individual to the community or population level.
? Please choose two strategies for discussion in your answer and ensure that you discuss the strategies in enough depth to demonstrate your understanding, as follows:
? What strategies can you identify that relate to addressing the wider social determinants in your case study?
? Are these strategies upstream, midstream or downstream?
? Why are these strategies likely to work? What is the evidence to support this?
? What roles should health professionals play in addressing this issue? (200 words)
? This question requires you to consider the broader role of health professionals – beyond providing individual care or treatment.
? What is the role of health professionals in addressing social determinants of health?
Marking Criteria: (40% weighting overall)
? Demonstrate knowledge of the social model of health
? Find and apply relevant literature, evidence and health data to the case study
? Describe two strategies to address the selected issue in the case study that demonstrates an understanding of social determinants of health
? Demonstrate academic writing skills

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1488 words including References


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