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The purpose of this assignment is for you to review the current literature on “learning culture in organisations” and assess the current learning culture and recommend a strategy for developing a learning culture for an organisation you either currently or previously worked for or aspire to work for.
This task has three major elements: a research component, and based on the evidence you have gathered, assess the learning culture of your chosen organisation and recommend a strategy for further developing a learning culture. You will need to refer to examples where learning culture has been implemented effectively
You will need to research broadly and use at least 10 high quality journal articles in your research. The essay must be written in 3rd person.
A possible structure for your essay could be:
Introduction (100)
What is a learning culture? (300 words)
Opportunities and costs of implementing a learning culture (300 words)
Assessment of the learning culture in chosen organisation (300 words)
Strategy (400 words) The strategy should be related to HRD
Conclusion (100)
The full assessment should be related to HRD ( Human Resource Development)
Hello Team , please be advised that this is an assessment for a Human resource unit & needs to be done by an expert in human resource. This assignment will determine if I will pass the unit or not. The 10 journal articles is very important for the referencing. Harvard referring is required for this assignment.
Pleased take into considering that I have had a few problem in the past where the assessment done by your experts were not good enough and resulted in failure.
Thank you kindly & hoping that you put your best expert on it.
Kind regards,

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1688 words including References

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