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BSB40215 Certificate IV in Business
BSBMKG414 Undertake Marketing Activities
Assessment 2: Plan Marketing Activities
Submission Details
This assessment task must be submitted online by the due date specified by your Trainer/Assessor and Assessment Plan for this unit of competency. Any variations to this arrangement must be approved in writing by your assessor.
Submit a file with the required evidence attached as per
? Specifications below
? Acknowledgement of original work, free from plagiarism as per Assessment Plan
? Special needs (considerations if required see Access & Equity Policy)
? Naming document files when submitting assessments (check Assessment Plan)
? Identifying the Unit, Assessment Number, student name, student number, date and page number (preferably) in the Footer
? Assessor’s additional and particular instruction/s.
Performance Objective
The candidate will demonstrate the skills and knowledge required to plan marketing activities.
Assessment Description
Using the scenario information supplied for a simulated workplace, as a consultant for BBQ fun you will analyse market information, develop an action plan for an activity (including assigning resources and responsibilities as well as planning for the monitoring and review process), obtain approval for the activity, and amend the activity as required. You will develop a promotional activity advertising text required for a magazine promotion according to the marketing action plan.

1. Review the simulated workplace information for BBQfun:
? Assessment 2 BBQfun scenario (Appendix 2)
? BBQfun marketing plan FY2014/15 (Appendix 4)
? BBQfun marketing policies and procedures (Appendix 5).
? Assessment 1, review the target market profile
2. In preparation for planning and implementing a marketing activity, analyse the market information provided in the scenario and based on your analysis of the task, the marketing plan, policies and procedures and target market profile, decide on a promotional activity advertising text to implement. (80-100 words)
3. Following the format of the template provided in Appendix 6, include a minimum of five activities in your action plan for the implementation of the promotional activity. The action plan should cover information on:
? resources
? personnel required for the task and the assigning of responsibilities to members in the creative team
? all steps required to implement plan
? goals for each step
? tactics for achieving goals
? steps for review.
4. Following policies and procedures, obtain approval for your action plan from your manager (your assessor) in an email. Your manager will then provide you with review information via email to amend your action plan where necessary. (you will screen shot this two way communication)
5. Analyse the review information given to you from your Manager (your assessor) and amend your action plan accordingly.

You must provide:
? a research report (80-100 words)
? an activity action plan for approval.
? a resubmitted action plan after amendments
Your assessor will be looking for:
? knowledge of basic marketing practices
? knowledge of relevant legislation
? knowledge of organisational policies and procedures
? knowledge of specific scenario information
? learning skills to select and use appropriate research methods
? learning skills to review and learn from marketing activities
? literacy skills to read a marketing plan and policies and procedures
? literacy skills to prepare a marketing action plan
? planning and organising skills to prepare an action plan for implementation
? problem solving skill to address implementation problems
? research skills to apply the concept of marketing to the scenario and identify the profiles of scenario marketing segments.

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