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General Information
This is an individual assignment. No group work is allowed.
The softcopyof the assignment must be submitted online in Moodie as well as Turnitin. In addition, the hardcopy must be handed in to the Lecturer by the following class.
Laux and Leuz (2009)* discuss the crisis of fair value accounting following recent international financial turmoils. Discuss what those crises arc and whether the current requirements of IFRS accounting standards contribute to the problem. (-Laux, C., Leuz, C. (2009) 'The crisis of fair-value accounting: Making sense of the recent debate', Accounting, Organizations and Society, 34, pp. 826-834) Use this research paper as a starting point for your research. There are many other relevant articles in the reference list of this paper to guide you. A minimum of five (5) additional relevant journal articles must be used and quoted in your assignment.
Referencing and style
• The essay should include Abstract, Introduction, Main body, Conclusion and Reference List. Please do in-text reference according to Harvard style.
• Assignment must be typed using Word document and double-spaced and Times New Roman with 12 font size
• The required referencing style Is Harvard
• Submission of this assignment by due date (as advised by the local lecturer) is compulsory for successful completion of the subject. The identical electronic copy must be submitted through Turnitja by due date. The printed copy can be submitted to your lecturer at the conclusion of the lecture you normally attend after the due time.
• You cannot withdraw an assignment from Tigoion after the due date.
• Late penalty will apply to all late submissions accordingly.
Assessment criteria to be applied on Assessments
Marking Criteria

Editable Microsoft Word Document
Word Count: 1679 words including References

Title: Crisis of Fair Value Accounting

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