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1. Chapters 1 and 2 from Paul, Yeates and Cadle, 2010, Business Analysis, British Informatics Society
2. Introduction and Chapter 1 from Hass, K. 2011, The Enterprise Analyst: Developing creative solutions to complex business problems, Management Concepts, Inc (note that lecture content is also from this chapter).,+K.+2011,+The+Enterprise+Analyst:+Developing+creative+solutions+to+complex+business+problems&ots=YyCCZxTa9u&sig=JHY-wH9PT0nijR063W4MZJcDBbY#v=onepage&q=Hass%2C%20K.%202011%2C%20The%20Enterprise%20Analyst%3A%20Developing%20creative%20solutions%20to%20complex%20business%20problems&f=false
E- Journal : -Business Analysis Techniques-
In this course you will be using a Journal within Mahara to write your journal entries. For this assignment you will write a journal entry related to topics from Weeks 4. You will need to export your entry into Moodle as a html page for marking by the end of the following week (Sunday; week 5 ). Information on how to create a journal within Mahara will be provided on the Moodle site.
You will read the chapter and/or readings as listed in the weekly schedule for week 4, and complete a journal entry in your Mahara journal in the following format:
Journal format and word limit
Word limit: 550 words per journal entry.
Each journal entry should be comprised of the following four sections:
• Synopsis - this is a summary of the content of the chapter and should be written with an objective viewpoint; 150 words
• Critique - how well you think the author or authors addressed the chapter topic and should be written with an objective viewpoint; 200 words
• Your reflection - how you think the readings have assisted you in understanding the weekly course topic. This section can be subjective as you are discussing your own learning. 200 words