Recent Question/Assignment

Assessment 2
Part A – Written Assessment
Investigate and report on an organisation’s method of allocating electricity costs.
You can use any organisation with which you are familiar.
Consider the following:
1. Does the organisation allocate the total costs of electricity?
2. If so, what is the basis for the allocation of the total cost of electricity
incurred for a period?
3. Calculate the percentage and cost of the total cost for each
Complete a report that you could provide to management about your findings
and include within it an executive summary. Make recommendations to
management about the appropriateness of the methods of allocating costs and
provide reasons for your conclusions within the report. 40 marks
Total Marks Part A: 40
Part B – Written Assessment
Report on the different types of budgets that provide management accounting
information that might be used by organisations.
Prepare a list under the headings:
1. Title of report/budget.
2. Department/area to which the budget is applicable.
3. Primary function of the budget.
4. Supported by data from which departments/area.
5. Users including those outside of management.
Identify and collect 10 samples of reports and budgets. Make a list of these
reports/budgets, their primary function and the person or department for whom
they are prepared.