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Assignment 1 HC3031 Trends in the Global Business Environment
The articles selected as the ‘gateway’ to the literature on the various topics are nominated in the Lecture/Tutorial Schedule. Choose one of these articles from week 1 to 6 as your core article.
Provide a brief summary of the core article enough to identify four key questions arising from that article which you will research.
Identifying keywords in the article will also assist your further research.
Using Proquest, do a literature search identifying at least one article relevant to each of the four key questions that you have identified. Then summarize each of the articles you have linked to the four key questions and demonstrate its link to the question you have identified in the core article.
You are actually constructing a mini-Literature Review. You must complete it with a Bibliography in Harvard referencing style.
Evaluation Criteria:
1: Requirements are minimally addressed, information is unclear and/or not well-developed.
2: Requirements are fairly well addressed but not all information is fully explained or supported.
3: Requirements are fully addressed and supported by rich, pertinent details; leading to high-level idea development
Introduction: The introduction includes a statement of the problem, briefly explains the
significance of your topic study and acts as a way to introduce the reader to your 1 2 3 definitions and background.
Body: The body of the review identifies the findings of studies that have been conducted 1 2 3 on the topic.
General: In general, the assignment shows a sense of direction and contains a definite central 1 2 3 idea supported with evidence. The writing is logical and the ideas are linked together in a
logical sequence. The ideas are put together in a way that is clear to the writer and to the reader. The assignment is not just a listing of articles or researches but rather a flowing narrative incorporating both prose and citations.
Discussion: The discussion summarizes the body of your literature review and highlights the 1 2 3 most important findings (in your opinion). There is a sense of completion to the whole piece in this section. Conclusions are drawn based on your analysis.
Conclusion: There is a consensus or disagreement on the topic. The discussion includes any 1 2 3 strengths and weaknesses in general of the research area. You discuss implications of the findings and/or areas for further research.
Format: The paper, including all citations, headings and the reference page(s), follows 1 2 3 Harvard format. The reference page contains a bibliographic list of the sources of information you used and cited in your paper.
Total (Out of 18 possible. An additional 2 discretionary marks could be awarded based on the quality of the submission)