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Assignment 1: Design and Development of a Website
Due date: 5 pm Saturday of week 6, 9th December 2017
You need to assume responsibility to build an Online Gift Shop. The website will present information about gifts available in your online gift store.
The website should include the following webpages:
1. Home page
a. The page should list the latest news and promotions about your gifts.
b. The items (gifts) in the page should be displayed using a definition /description list.
2. Gift description page
a. Include at least six categories of the gifts with detailed description using text and relevant image(s).
b. The gifts should be displayed in a table.
c. The description of the gifts using description list.
3. Gift search page including a search web form (described below).
4. Contact page
a. Include relevant contact information, such as postal address, phone number, email address.
b. A contact web form (described below).
The website will include two web forms
These forms must not be 'active'; that is, if the user clicks on the Submit button, nothing should happen.
1. A search form in the search page for customers to look up details of items. The search can be based on any one criterion such as price, gift category, brand name and where it is made.
2. A contact form in the contact page for customers to send queries.
Design requirements for the website include:
1. Appropriate clear design and consistent layout throughout. DO NOT use frames. 2. Well laid out, clear, validated standard code. (e.g. HTML5 or XHTML 1.0)
3. Appropriate and consistent use of style, color and structure.
4. Concise and relevant comments throughout the source code.
5. The following statement MUST be included at the bottom of all web pages developed:
©Deakin College. This web page has been developed as a student assignment for the unit SIT104: Introduction to Web Development.
All the files should be zipped and uploaded to Deakin College Moodle website by the due date (Limit of 5Mb applies).